November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2014:

Dear sweet family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you all have a happy week and a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will surely be thinking about you. 

I am not sure if you are all aware. I heard it was on the news here, but I am not sure about Utah news, but two elders in this mission.  One of which  I came out with...(he was the sweet elder that helped me with my luggage at the airport on the way to St. Louis) were hit by a semi-truck that lost control. The elder’s car went under the semi and it took the car's top off. Leaving the elders unconscious and in very critical conditions. It was a very serious and scary accident. The elders were life flighted to St. Louis. For a few days things weren't looking too good. We had many people: The leaders of this mission, the missionaries, the ward members, the branch members the  stakes...everyone was pleading for Heavenly Father to help them and to help them heal and get better. We fasted on Friday and Friday night we received amazing news that the Elders were miraculously healing after one had brain surgery and one was in the ICU and they were transferred out of the ICU and they were soon going to be released from the hospital................. They are resting now at the mission home and we will soon find out if they will stay on their missions. GOD PERFORMS MIRACLES and this whole mission watched something terrible happen and we watched it turn into the greatest miracle of all. They are alive and doctors are fascinated how quickly they are healing. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. As Sister Montgomery and I pleaded with Heavenly Father to help save those two sweet elders lives. He heard our plea.  He heard all of our pleas. He is aware of his children and he answers prayers. This whole mission watched a miracle occur this week. 

With the being said, it was kind of an emotional week.... not knowing what was going to happen with those two sweet elders. I wanted so badly to help, but Sister Montgomery and I are so far out, there wasn't much we could do, so we knew that it was important to pray and fast. So we did that and we watched Heavenly Father take over and bless and heal his two servants. I would ask all of you to keep praying in their behalf! Please!

Transfers were last week and our district got a brand new elder, fresh off of the airplane. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS IN HIS SHOES 7 WEEKS AGO….. I told him the story about wanting to walk home................but I assured him it would get better. He seems pretty solid and I don't think he will be putting on his Nike's to walk home anytime soon. Maybe that was just a Sister Dahlberg thought.......hahahahahah…… oh boy...those first couple days were rough. Anyhow speaking about that. I HAVE BEEN GONE 2 MONTHS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny story for this week----------------------Sister Montgomery and I were having Comp inventory at this little diner and an old man walked by and smiled, so I said hello to him. He came over and asked what we were doing. I told him we were sister missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I gave him all of the spill about who we were and what we did...........................he looked at us in the eyes and told us he was 84 years old and he didn't mean to brag........ But he could do 120 sit ups and he had the stomach of a young man......................................... You guys…… I tried so hard to keep my cool and we just listened to him............... I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD INSIDE. People here in Missouri are so great I tell ya..........!!!!

SO HERE YA GO-----BIG NEWS------ SISTER MONTGOMERY AND I WERE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPER THIS WEEK!!!!! No biggie. hahahahahahahaha. We were in this store and this lady was like you two were in the paper on Friday............ ha-ha…. so we went and got the newspaper and surely we were on the front page. Our branch president thought it was the neatest thing. He took a picture and word got out to our mission President Morgan and Sister Morgan called and we talked and as always, it was good to hear their voices. I love them a whole bunch!!!!!!!!!!!! They asked us what we were doing for Thanksgiving..... and I told them we were going to the Zimmermans ( a member family) and they said that the missionaries that didn't have a place to go could come to the mission home..... but you see Sister Montgomery and I are 4 hours we just sent our holiday wishes their way...We laugh and laugh when we all get talking. I LOVE PRESIDENT AND SISTER MORGAN!!!!! BEST MISSION PRESIDENT AND WIFE IN THE WORLD!

We have been working a lot with less actives this week and we had a lot of inactives come to church on Sunday. I was so happy! I made a promise with one of them that I would sing at the nursing home she works at, if she came to church.........and she came..........SO PRAY FOR ME..... LOOKS LIKE I WILL BE SINGING THIS WEEK.. But seriously I was so dang happy that some of the less active members came to church! IT MADE MY DAY! 

Lessons are going well. Teaching is going well. It is all getting more familiar and I am starting to get the hang of things. We are teaching the rest of the White crew..... and having family home evenings with them. The girls wrote the family notes, so those should be coming in the mail soon. Look for them! The girls were baptized a week ago and now they always ask us questions about serving missions someday and it makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so happy!!!   I love the relationship I am gaining with my Heavenly Father. I am learning so much about The Savior. Each day, it amazes me how blessed we are to be apart of this gospel. The Savior's way is the only way. FOLLOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!!!

I love you all. Reach out to someone. Be an example and keep your eye on The Savior. 

Much love, 

Sister Dahlberg

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