May 18, 2016

post mission life

I AM HOME. (sorry it has taken me a month+ to get back on the blogging banwagon)

(i've watched it 89374973 times)

huge thank you to my dad for running my blog while i was away serving in st. louis. hope you enjoyed it. i tried to let other people be apart of my journey. the experiences, the stories, the giggles, the tears, the people, the testimony i gained, and the way i changed. i hope you came to know the savior on a more personal level as i shared my experiences with you as i was his full time representative and witness. i wanted you to be apart of it with me for those special 18 months. so thank you, thank you for following and reading. thank you for the support, the love, and the prayers.

i absolutely loved my mission, it means everything to me.
i am forever changed. i do not just say that to say it, i say it will full conviction in my heart.
there is not a day that goes by that i do not think about it.

true or false statement (i'll let you decide)
i can't remember anything about this whole blog thing.
i just keep clicking things and hope i am doing something right.
bare with me.

5 weeks home and i still am trying to get used to it. i heard on my mission people say that it was even harder than going and getting used to being a missionary, i thought to myself....


welllllll..... it is true.

April 03, 2016

"Springtime and Finishing Strong"

March 14th, 2016
Hello to the people I LOVE,

Monday night we had a lesson with sweet Whitney at the Shipley's house and it went a little something like this:
"Whitney how did reading the Book of Mormon go?"
"Alright, I guess."
In my head, I am thinking, oh man.........
She quickly throws us all for a loop and says.........
"I think I received my answer in 1 Nephi 4:3
.....wait what? ......
She reads to us:

Now behold ye know that this is true; and ye also know that an angel hath spoken unto you; wherefore can ye doubt? Let us go up; the Lord is able to deliver us, even as our fathers, and to destroy Laban, even as the Egyptians. 
I think we all about died.
YESSSS WHITNEY, it is true.

We are meeting with her tonight with the YSA sisters and we received permission to go to the FHE activity with her tonight, so she can start meeting people in the YSA.   We asked her to pray about baptism, so I am looking forward to the lesson this evening.

Stake conference was this week and Whitney came to it on Saturday night and Sunday morning! Carrie our investigator came Saturday night! AND GUESS WHO I SAW AND GOT TO SIT BY AT STAKE CONFERENCE BOTH DAYS? LULU!!!!!!!! (: (: (:

The picture below is at stake conference with some of my favorite people here. 
Our investigators, Whitney and Carrie are in the picture too. 

I went to Crystal City for exchanges with sister Hudson, (a 2 year convert) and we picked up an amazing investigator who truly needs the gospel.

We were able to see the hand of Lord this week as we went and saw many, many people.  We met with an inactive member that we found by TALKING TO EVERYONE.  She wants to get back to church, teach her 9 year old daughter, and she wants her boyfriend and sister to listen to the lessons!! HOLY MIRACLE. We set an appointment to see them once a week.  They are such a fun family.

I love doing the Lord’s work.

sister dahlberg

 March 21st, 2016
family and friends,

BEN I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY.  Did you get my surprise in the mail?

We have a lesson with Whitney tonight and she has been praying about baptism. WE HOPE TO SET A DATE WITH HER TONIGHT. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!

I seriously just love being a missionary and I am not sure how I feel about this whole, "only 3 more week thing."

We went to work with a less active this week and her little boy was waiting outside for us with flowers. It made my day.
This is how our conversation went.
Cash is 4 years old.
"Heyyyy cash, did you know that girls LOVE FLOWERS?"
His response. "OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH they do."

We picked up a new investigator, Katie this week.  We felt that we needed to track some apartments in Valley Park.  She let us right in and was super nice.  She told us that she is a relaxed Roman Catholic.  She believes in modesty and so many other things our church believes.  She would be the best Mormon. We taught her briefly the message of the restoration.  We went to give her the Book of Mormon and she said,
Holy cow. No please sweet Katie, take it, read it, love it, and ponder it. 
If you only could imagine our smiles.

Remember our lovely friend from the UK who we met a couple transfers ago?  She WAS atheist and was very bitter and struggled much.  Whenever we come over she tells us how relaxed she feels.  We had a lesson this week while another sister came to our area with me for exchanges.  As an object lesson, we used a backpack with weights, to describe the Atonement, explaining that because of Jesus Christ, there is no need for her to carry those burdens of years and years and years.  She said she had never heard that the Savior could take it all away.  It was so powerful. SHE PRAYED AND SHE IS GOING THROUGH THE STEPS OF REPENTANCE.   She said, "I KNOW HE CAN HELP ME." I never have met someone who needs the gospel so much.  I just can just feel how much Heavenly Father loves her.  She is not very happy about me leaving soon.  I reassured her that I would get her number and call her often when I am home. I am going to miss her and her sweet accent.  We are going to help her clean tomorrow.  While we were there this week her bunny got stuck in the couch.  Sister Walker and I SAVED THE (BUNNY) DAY.  We laughed for probably ten minutes about it.  She had to get a knife to cut the couch while Sister Walker and I were holding the couch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Amanda came to all 3 hours of church!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge for her and has been a goal she has been working toward. 

The last couple days, as I have pondered about all that I have learned on my mission, I am full of emotions. Tender tears, laughter, smiles, giggles, and joy.

3 more weeks as a full time missionary, but I will forever be a disciple of the person who has become my greatest friend.

sister dahlberg

March 28th, 2016

Holy cow.
2 weeks.
only 2 more weeks. 

Some days go so quick and some days go so slow.
Have I really completed my mission?  No more months to go.

The growth I see in myself is unreal to me.
But oh how I know the Savior loves me.

When I walked into the MTC, they asked my favorite book of Mormon hero, in sweat, in panic I thought-oh no, I do not know the stories in this book, they are so unfamiliar to me.

I was as unprepared as they come.
But the Savior knew all that I could become.

When I got to Marceline I thought: OH NO, is this really for me?
But the Savior said, go and do and become all you can be.

I cried, I cried, I was just about as homesick as they come.
We pulled up to our trailer church and at first, I felt a little numb.

Sister Montgomery, pre-mortal friends reunited at last.
She will be my best friend forever, we always have a blast.

The White family, I have tears in my eyes thinking about their journey and them.
I can't imagine my life without them or how it would have been.

Maddie, Kaylann, and Delaney entered the waters of baptism on November 14, two thousand fourteen.

Jennifer the mom, who was a member pulled us aside and told us to thank our moms for letting us come on missions.
After all this was the best decision. 

Don come to church, we promise you, as representatives of Jesus Christ it is true. Now it is your turn to become the person God knows you can be.
Listen to our message and see what God sees.

It is time for you to enter the waters of baptism, the start to a journey so you can be with your family forever.
We promise you this will be the greatest endeavor. 

The day of Don's baptism, 10 year old sweet Logan jumped for joy and exclaimed, baptism, baptism, oh how I want that bad.
We'll make a promise with you, let us teach you and in 2 weeks you can be baptized just like your sisters and dad.

Logan's baptism was one of the cutest I ever did see.
When he entered the font with his dad, who was recently given the Aaronic priesthood, to baptize a sweet soul, oh how the tears came to me.

Taylor, the oldest daughter, it is time for me to hit my next area. Oh how I already miss this place, but the Lord now needs me to go.  Don't forget to hang up the pictures, there is a place and spot saved for you. Listen to the sisters the message will change you.
Sweet Taylor, it is time for you to go and do.

I received a picture later of her baptism day.
She was baptized the month after May. 

Jennifer and Don White, I was able to see in the temple dressed in white.
Oh, what a beautiful sight.

My companions and I are not perfect, but we know it is not possible without the Lord.  This is his work, we are just working on his team.
18 months done and I just ask myself is this a dream?

I experienced watching mice run in a trailer, received some of my first letters, and met people that changed my life forever.

An internet referral, the Bloss family, oh how far they have come.
Of course Camden, we'd love to talk to your mom. A knock on the door. 
Sydney come in we will teach you too. Yes, that is the spirit. Joseph Smith was a prophet.  She said. "I have chills." My companion and I about fell to the floor.

Sweet Sister Hayden was surprised to see what Marceline was like.
No Sister Hayden, if I can't pull out my Nikes to walk to Utah, you sure cannot pull out your bike. 

Water pipes frozen at the apartment, off to the motel we go.
Man this transfer has started off well.

President Morgan, my hair is literally freezing because of the cold. 
This experience has been so hilarious, it may win the gold.

Jacksonville, Illinois, Sister Haderlie was the funniest sister I ever did know.
A member sister Maddison, after all did teach me to sew.

I learned sign language, oh how I giggle at that.
How did I pull that one out of the hat?

The Dambacher family, what a miracle.
Oh Heavenly Father, my heart is full.

Sister Ewell just as beautiful as can be.
I learned that being a hairstylist just wasn't for me.

Off to the city, St. Louis here I come. 
I thought I had learned a lot and there was no more to come.

Boy was I wrong, when I met Lulu, the girl that changed me.
Oh heavenly father, how can I repay thee?

Stop smoking, you can do it. God loves you more than a bit.
A wedding and a piece of cake.  Just don't ask Sister Edgel and I to bake it.

Wedding bells ring, happiest day I ever did see.
Alex, lulu, and Mosi the happiest family ever to be.

Daniel and Carolyn, the church is true. 
Thank you for going and doing all that the father asked of you.

Transfer calls, why am I leaving?
Oh how I am going to miss seeing Lulu beaming. 

I'll be at your baptism in spirit Lulu.
After all my birthday is on August 28th too.

Sister Morgan said that the water sparkled on your baptism day.
I love you Lulu. Please never forget that okay?

God's plan is perfect, oh how I love him.

Tears came to my eyes when my parents wrote me and told me my nickname used to be Lulu.
Oh how her spirit and personality changed me forever. We all should be like Lulu,

when the lord told her go an do.
that is exactly what she did too.

Daddy, I promise it is no coincidence that I am in the city.

Not ready to leave Webster Groves area, tears came to my face, 
but the Lord now needs me in another place.

Oh sister Law you are funny, I know you can't see
but you are such a warrior to me.

Training sister Erickson,
man I sure did learn a ton.

Christy Johnson in Danville is so special to me.
Her decision to be baptized and her story is such an example to me.

Christy, Jaiden, Tyrin, Zakiiah, Rylin, and Rhett I will miss you all.  Come into sacrament meeting and take a seat.
And I will miss Rylin running around.  Man he sure does not miss a beat.

Training again- sweet sister Henrie.  Oh what a day when we realized 5 years ago we were EFY pals- a picture we have for proof.
I know that was it absolutely was not a boof.

Amy, Anna, Rebecca, Rachel, Paige, and Allyssa the starfish story, oh Amy, I am so grateful we came to your door.
Something now I know to be true. If you want to baptize more, reactivate more.

Danville 6 months, an area I will always love.
I say thank you to my father above.

Last area, serving with Sister Rapp and then Sister Walker in Fenton.
I came to know that my friend is the Son.

Cinnamon, Whitney, the Ritchie family, and Amanda..... so many memories I will take home.

See you all in 2 weeks.

March 09, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now

February 15th, 2016

 Week 6 of my second to last transfer.......... how is it possible?

Here is what happened just last night: We were driving to the relief society president’s house for dinner when I
heard our phone ring.  I told sister Walker the phone is ringing. And she starts to look for it and by the time she finds it, she misses the call.  She looks at me and says,
"uh, sister Dahlberg, we missed a call from an 801 number......."
As I am driving, I ask her to read the phone number to me so I can make sure it is not my mom calling. 
We called the number back and a lady answered and asked to speak to me. 
Sister Walker told the person on the phone that she is on a speaker and that I can hear her.
She asked,  "Do you know who this is?"
I replied,  "No." (I am super confused and my heart is racing 654654654 miles an hour.)
I STARTED SCREAMING-------- SISTER BLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I screamed for 5 minutes.
She told me that they had talked to President Morgan.  She instructed me to be at the temple on February 20, at 10:00 a.m. to prepare to see DON AND JENNIFER RECEIVE THEIR ENDOWMENTS AND TO SEE THEM SEALED IN THE TEMPLE.

I wish I could describe the happiness that filled my soul.
She said,  "Sister Dahlberg your first baptisms are going to the temple.  We have been watching over them in this little corner."

Saturday. February 20, 2016, cannot come fast enough.
I truly feel divine happiness from the Lord and it is something that is overwhelming, in the best way possible. 
The idea and fact that the Lord lets me, an imperfect, silly, 20 year old be a part of this and to see his miracles from on high is a privilege beyond words.

We are running out of time, but we have been really focusing on MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK oh boy, that is where you see miracles.

love you.

sister dahlberg

February 22, 2016


I think this week may win FAVORITE OF MY MISSION!   Is that allowed??
Just to tell you a little before I  tell you  ABOUT THE WHITES AND THE SPECIAL DAY AT THE TEMPLE.

We picked up 4 new investigators, three of which come from a family and they are probably the nicest people I have ever met in my life.  Seriously, the mom investigated the church in New York years ago.  She cannot remember why she stopped investigating.  She said that she thinks that life just got in the way.  Here is the story of how we met.  A few weeks back when I went on exchanges, a sister came to serve here in Fenton with me.  I felt strongly that we needed to go to the "green apartments".  So we drove there and started knocking on doors.  We were at the third door and as we were knocking  a car pulled up.  They were waving at us, like we were BFFS! The door we were knocking at was theirs.  Tonia and her 20 year old daughter Carrie let us inside right away. We were finally able to see them again and Tonia was there with her husband and their daughter Carrie.  Sister Walker and I bore our testimony and they were amazed at the spirit they felt.  When we got finished baring testimony of the Savior and the happiness this message will bring to them FORVER, a message that will change them forever, they quickly asked..... “WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?????” (: (that is rare) They are so special to us already.

President called Thursday night, meanwhile he was reading my weekly email and he was LAUGHING  and said, "I needed a good laugh." He told me that sister Rapp (the sister who served in Marceline right after me and she was my last companion) would be joining us at the temple.  And our current companions were going to come to the temple with us. They would all be staying at our apartment before we went to the temple the next morning. 
All in one apartment, all my companions!  We just talked and talked that night, catching up, telling stories, and laughing. 
It was a very special night and I am grateful president Morgan allowed that to happen.

We drove to the temple and I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. It was like a feeling I could not even describe.  I had the wonderful opportunity to see the people who meant the absolute world to me, the friends I have not seen for over a year. 

We arrived at the temple and we were walking into the distribution center when we saw JENNIFER WHITE WALKING OUT OF THE DOORS SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dropped to the ground and just started screaming. Next came out DON WHITE and PRESIDENT BLANK AND SISTER BLANK.  I wish you could have felt what that sweet reunion felt like.

We were all under the impression that sister Montgomery was not coming because she lives in Arizona now.  So the Whites printed off a big photograph of her so we could hold it and she could be part of this special day.  We started talking pictures and just talking and laughing. I LOVED IT ALL SO MUCH!  Then we walked over to the temple to and SISTER BLANKS SAID. "OH MY GOSH."
We turn our heads to see what she is talking about and guess who is walking toward all of us?


What a wonderful surprise!
It is all on video.

We were able to all be in the endowment session with Don and Jennifer.  Let me tell you something, I truly have never felt such happiness before. I just sat there watching them and it was one of the most sacred moments of my mission. 

Afterwards, we were standing together in the Celestial Room.  Jennifer reminded me that when I arrived in Marceline as a new missionary that I could have gone home when it got hard, but I didn't.  And because I didn't she said that she was where she was today. I reassured her that it was she, Don, and the Lord.  I was just so humbled that they let me be there on their special day. 
After a while, someone said. ARE YOU READY TO GO GET SEALED???????
Jennifer's response, "I have only been waiting for this day for 20 years."

We were all able to watch Don and Jennifer be sealed.  I will never forget JENNIFER AND HER BIG SMILE THE WHOLE TIME. Sister Montgomery and I just happened to sit right in front of the mirrors that go on forever and ever.  We both sat there watching them get sealed and my mission came over me so strongly.  I saw the eternal perspective that the Lord has always been able to see the whole time. He saw this moment long before I did. He saw it when I was struggling to come on my mission, he saw it when I was a homesick missionary, and he saw it when I was struggling and he was probably just thinking, “OH SISTER DAHLBERG, JUST HANG IN THERE”. And I am so beyond grateful that I did hang in there. 

I never want to try to think of my life without this journey.
The White kids will hopefully be sealed to Don and Jennifer soon.

After the temple, we all went to lunch.  Sister Montgomery and  I sat across Don and Jennifer and we talked about their journey.  I sat there truly amazed as I listened to DON. HE IS NOT THE SAME PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you all something. THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES FOREVER AND THAT WAS MADE KNOWN TO ME, CRYSTAL CLEAR. I reminded him when we came to his home to teach.  He would not listen to us and he would stay in the kitchen and cook.  He just laughed and we all giggled. Wow, what a miracle story the White family is and what a miraculous day Saturday was for everyone in the St. Louis temple.

(I could talk about it all day.......... but I will save some stories and experiences for home)

I love you all a lot.
7 weeks from today, I will be home.
Today my dying transfer starts and I just wanted to give Heavenly Father all that I can before I return home.

I love all of you and appreciate your support.
sister dahlberg

We are headed to the zoo today!

February 29th, 2016


6 weeks left.
I am on emotional roller coaster inside.

Heyyyyyyy. do you remember Christy??? The single mom, who got baptized in Danville? (oh gosh, i love her a lot) We were also teaching her sister, Teresa while we were there and her three little kids. GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT??? The three little kiddos got baptized!!! We were at MLC and sister Turpin, a missionary that went into the area after me, brought me a note that they wrote to me.  It warmed my heart.  It was the sweetest thing in the world.

Speaking of MLC........ my last one.  Five Sister Training Leaders will be going home this transfer. President Morgan had each of us bare our testimonies for our last MLC.  At the end of the meeting, sister Petrie stood up and told everyone what a mess we were in the MTC in Provo. HAHAHAHA She explained the potential we each have and what we can become when we have the Savior with us.  It was surreal, it seems like just yesterday, we were lost in the MTC, laughing and trying to figure out who we were and what we were doing.  And now I look back and see just how far we have come.

In studies this morning, I was reading and I realized something, my mission has been a celestial mission for me. It has not been easy…salvation will never be easy. I hope I find joy in every singe day I have left.

We have been finding and meeting with a lot of people that are unknown, less actives and it has been interesting. It is so interesting to see how everyone's story is unique.  A ton of people cancelled on us this week.  But we were able to reset a baptism date with Amanda for April 2nd!  We have an awesome lesson with Whitney tomorrow and we plan to set a baptism date with her.  She is a cousin of the CUTEST FAMILY WHO ARE MEMBERS EVER.  She will have us over for dinner and then we have a lesson.  I am super excited for that. We picked up a new investigator, Shannon.  She is great!  Yesterday at church, they had us fill in for primary and we taught the 10 year olds, it was the best.

Sister Walker and I will be giving a 45 minute training this week at zone conference.  I will give you a little sneak peak…sister Walker may or may not be dressing up as Samuel the Lamanite for the first part of it.  She is the funniest. (: it will be great, we are teaching  personal repentance.

(It is was so funny in person and I wish you could have watched it happen)

Okay, so our cars were grounded on Wednesday because of all the snow.  Well we had an appointment with a less active, so we walked 4 miles to get there.  Sister Walker quickly learned that her boots were NOT WATERPROOF.  It was really snowy and we were walking down the street.  Several ladies on a front porch yelled at us, “WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WALKING IN THIS WEATHER?”  We walked over to them smiling and explained that we were missionaries and we had people to visit and teach.  They were just so amazed.  We told them what we do and everything.  I hope that planted a little seed.  Well anyway, we were walking on the sidewalks that no one had shoveled on Main Street.  People were driving by, looking at us like….YOU ARE CRAZY............. hey people, the Lords work must press forward.  We finally arrived at our appointment and had a lesson.  We were getting ready to leave.  I tried to put my boots on but my BOOTS WOULD NOT GO ON. The sweet lady we taught was worried about sister Walker getting frost bite on her toes, from her wet socks.  She had her rub VASELINE on them.  Okay so I am dying laughing at Sister Walker. Then I realize I have my own problem because I still cannot get my wet boots on and we have to walk 2 miles to get back home.  So the sweet lady tells me to go to her SPICE CABINET.   I am getting worried. I THOUGHT OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  She had me get the cornstarch and rub it all over my feet and tights.  She thought it would help my boots slip on.  Well, the cornstarch went EVERYWHERE. Sister Walker was pushing on my boot, trying to get it on with her VASELINE HANDS and she was pushing so hard we knocked over an URN that was behind us.  Yes, an URN with ashes in it.  The sweet lady screamed as it hit the floor, "THAT IS MY SISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR." we were silent..................
Thank the heavens it did not break, but we all got a good laugh!!!!

Anyhow, I love you all.
I love the Savior.  I still love my little black nametag and I love being able to bring people PURE happiness because of the message we are so privileged to share each day.
sister dahlberg

March 7th, 2016

It is meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I received something in the mail, and I am just numb about it........
my flight information. 

Moving on to another note.

Sister Walker and I planned a training this week for a long time, put a lot of effort and thought into it. We went to role play it the day before zone conference and it did not feel right, not at all.
We panicked.
We quickly got on our knees and asked Heavenly Father to direct us, to inspire us, to train on what the missionaries in the south zone truly needed.
We pretty much started from scratch.  
It was stressful. We were tired, oh so tired, and we had a lot to do.  It was late and we had to be up early for zone                             conference the next morning.
Lonnngggggggg story short, we came up with a completely different training and prayed that God would direct us, and that is exactly what He did.
We asked each of the missionaries, to write down how they were feeling and put the paper slip into a bowl.  It was anonymous.  Then we read out loud some of the missionary’s responses.
"tired, excited, contemplating going home, anxious, unsuccessful."

There were a variety of words and feelings from the missionaries. We continued our training and had an object lesson.  I felt prompted and knew that I needed to say something, so I did.  I told the zone, " I do not know who wrote on their slip of paper that they wanted to go home, but I need to say to you, you must not go home, you can not go home, the Lord needs you here."

We went along with our training.   
After zone conference, a sister came up to my companion, while I was talking to some other missionaries.  She told sister Walker that she came to zone conference with the question about going home or staying.  And now she received her answer through the words that the Lord directed me to say.  The sister did not want to tell me directly, but sister Walker told me later.

We received a lot of positive feedback from various missionaries on our training. They said that it was EXACTLY what they needed.

I gave my last testimony at zone conference and during it.
I stood up and told the missionaries, “I want to tell you a story of a sister missionary that I knew quit well.”
Then I told them about little changing moments of my mission.  Then I let them know that that sister missionary was actually me. 

I truly cannot believe how far I have come. 17 months, how did you go by so quickly?

We are teaching a sweet seventeen year old investigator who is struggling, she is so sweet. Her parents let us in to teach her, but they would not sit in on the lesson.  I secretly think they were listening from somewhere in the house. The fourteen year old brother was listening from the kitchen.  When we asked him if he wanted a Book of Mormon, he smiled and said yes. (:

We were leaving their house, when we saw a family that lived next door.  They were outside playing with the cutest little puppy.
So we went over and asked if we could see their puppy.  Little kids running around everywhere, a couple of adults, and a teenager.  Meanwhile the lady walks inside and we start talking to her dad.  We bring up the church and ask him if he has heard of it.  He says................... “YEAH, MY DAUGHTER IS A MEMBER AND SHE WAS BAPTIZED IN CALIFORNIA, IT REALLY CHANGED HER LIFE.”
wait what?
come again? 
That rarely happens here in the Midwest.
Like Never.
We had the little kids go and get their mom to come out and talk to us.
We sat in the warm sunshine talking to them. My cheeks hurt from laughing. The lady was baptized years ago, was active for 6 years, and then fell away.  She never moved her records when she moved to Missouri. We told her that it was no coincidence that we met her today.  She totally agreed and she let us set up a return appointment.  She said that she has had a question and has been thinking about it for a long time.  Now she realizes that this is an answer from heaven.

We returned to our apartment for lunch, and I asked sister Walker............ how does the Lord do it?  We both were just so amazed. The timing was so perfect.  We were meant to be there.  I do not know how He does it, but He does and we witness His miracles and we are amazed.

Remember the cute family, we knocked on their door and they asked us when we were coming back, after baring our testimony?????
We had a ward activity and CARRIE CAME. (the 20 year old daughter) and everyone loved her. SHE LOVED IT.
and guess what?
It was testimony meeting. 

We brought two members with us last night to their home, to teach them the message of the restoration. 
I really love them. Carrie wrote us the sweetest little notes.

Let me say it again, I LOVE DOING THE LORD’S WORK.

5 weeks.

love you all.
sister dahlberg