April 03, 2016

"Springtime and Finishing Strong"

March 14th, 2016
Hello to the people I LOVE,

Monday night we had a lesson with sweet Whitney at the Shipley's house and it went a little something like this:
"Whitney how did reading the Book of Mormon go?"
"Alright, I guess."
In my head, I am thinking, oh man.........
She quickly throws us all for a loop and says.........
"I think I received my answer in 1 Nephi 4:3
.....wait what? ......
She reads to us:

Now behold ye know that this is true; and ye also know that an angel hath spoken unto you; wherefore can ye doubt? Let us go up; the Lord is able to deliver us, even as our fathers, and to destroy Laban, even as the Egyptians. 
I think we all about died.
YESSSS WHITNEY, it is true.

We are meeting with her tonight with the YSA sisters and we received permission to go to the FHE activity with her tonight, so she can start meeting people in the YSA.   We asked her to pray about baptism, so I am looking forward to the lesson this evening.

Stake conference was this week and Whitney came to it on Saturday night and Sunday morning! Carrie our investigator came Saturday night! AND GUESS WHO I SAW AND GOT TO SIT BY AT STAKE CONFERENCE BOTH DAYS? LULU!!!!!!!! (: (: (:

The picture below is at stake conference with some of my favorite people here. 
Our investigators, Whitney and Carrie are in the picture too. 

I went to Crystal City for exchanges with sister Hudson, (a 2 year convert) and we picked up an amazing investigator who truly needs the gospel.

We were able to see the hand of Lord this week as we went and saw many, many people.  We met with an inactive member that we found by TALKING TO EVERYONE.  She wants to get back to church, teach her 9 year old daughter, and she wants her boyfriend and sister to listen to the lessons!! HOLY MIRACLE. We set an appointment to see them once a week.  They are such a fun family.

I love doing the Lord’s work.

sister dahlberg

 March 21st, 2016
family and friends,

BEN I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY.  Did you get my surprise in the mail?

We have a lesson with Whitney tonight and she has been praying about baptism. WE HOPE TO SET A DATE WITH HER TONIGHT. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!

I seriously just love being a missionary and I am not sure how I feel about this whole, "only 3 more week thing."

We went to work with a less active this week and her little boy was waiting outside for us with flowers. It made my day.
This is how our conversation went.
Cash is 4 years old.
"Heyyyy cash, did you know that girls LOVE FLOWERS?"
His response. "OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH they do."

We picked up a new investigator, Katie this week.  We felt that we needed to track some apartments in Valley Park.  She let us right in and was super nice.  She told us that she is a relaxed Roman Catholic.  She believes in modesty and so many other things our church believes.  She would be the best Mormon. We taught her briefly the message of the restoration.  We went to give her the Book of Mormon and she said,
Holy cow. No please sweet Katie, take it, read it, love it, and ponder it. 
If you only could imagine our smiles.

Remember our lovely friend from the UK who we met a couple transfers ago?  She WAS atheist and was very bitter and struggled much.  Whenever we come over she tells us how relaxed she feels.  We had a lesson this week while another sister came to our area with me for exchanges.  As an object lesson, we used a backpack with weights, to describe the Atonement, explaining that because of Jesus Christ, there is no need for her to carry those burdens of years and years and years.  She said she had never heard that the Savior could take it all away.  It was so powerful. SHE PRAYED AND SHE IS GOING THROUGH THE STEPS OF REPENTANCE.   She said, "I KNOW HE CAN HELP ME." I never have met someone who needs the gospel so much.  I just can just feel how much Heavenly Father loves her.  She is not very happy about me leaving soon.  I reassured her that I would get her number and call her often when I am home. I am going to miss her and her sweet accent.  We are going to help her clean tomorrow.  While we were there this week her bunny got stuck in the couch.  Sister Walker and I SAVED THE (BUNNY) DAY.  We laughed for probably ten minutes about it.  She had to get a knife to cut the couch while Sister Walker and I were holding the couch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Amanda came to all 3 hours of church!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge for her and has been a goal she has been working toward. 

The last couple days, as I have pondered about all that I have learned on my mission, I am full of emotions. Tender tears, laughter, smiles, giggles, and joy.

3 more weeks as a full time missionary, but I will forever be a disciple of the person who has become my greatest friend.

sister dahlberg

March 28th, 2016

Holy cow.
2 weeks.
only 2 more weeks. 

Some days go so quick and some days go so slow.
Have I really completed my mission?  No more months to go.

The growth I see in myself is unreal to me.
But oh how I know the Savior loves me.

When I walked into the MTC, they asked my favorite book of Mormon hero, in sweat, in panic I thought-oh no, I do not know the stories in this book, they are so unfamiliar to me.

I was as unprepared as they come.
But the Savior knew all that I could become.

When I got to Marceline I thought: OH NO, is this really for me?
But the Savior said, go and do and become all you can be.

I cried, I cried, I was just about as homesick as they come.
We pulled up to our trailer church and at first, I felt a little numb.

Sister Montgomery, pre-mortal friends reunited at last.
She will be my best friend forever, we always have a blast.

The White family, I have tears in my eyes thinking about their journey and them.
I can't imagine my life without them or how it would have been.

Maddie, Kaylann, and Delaney entered the waters of baptism on November 14, two thousand fourteen.

Jennifer the mom, who was a member pulled us aside and told us to thank our moms for letting us come on missions.
After all this was the best decision. 

Don come to church, we promise you, as representatives of Jesus Christ it is true. Now it is your turn to become the person God knows you can be.
Listen to our message and see what God sees.

It is time for you to enter the waters of baptism, the start to a journey so you can be with your family forever.
We promise you this will be the greatest endeavor. 

The day of Don's baptism, 10 year old sweet Logan jumped for joy and exclaimed, baptism, baptism, oh how I want that bad.
We'll make a promise with you, let us teach you and in 2 weeks you can be baptized just like your sisters and dad.

Logan's baptism was one of the cutest I ever did see.
When he entered the font with his dad, who was recently given the Aaronic priesthood, to baptize a sweet soul, oh how the tears came to me.

Taylor, the oldest daughter, it is time for me to hit my next area. Oh how I already miss this place, but the Lord now needs me to go.  Don't forget to hang up the pictures, there is a place and spot saved for you. Listen to the sisters the message will change you.
Sweet Taylor, it is time for you to go and do.

I received a picture later of her baptism day.
She was baptized the month after May. 

Jennifer and Don White, I was able to see in the temple dressed in white.
Oh, what a beautiful sight.

My companions and I are not perfect, but we know it is not possible without the Lord.  This is his work, we are just working on his team.
18 months done and I just ask myself is this a dream?

I experienced watching mice run in a trailer, received some of my first letters, and met people that changed my life forever.

An internet referral, the Bloss family, oh how far they have come.
Of course Camden, we'd love to talk to your mom. A knock on the door. 
Sydney come in we will teach you too. Yes, that is the spirit. Joseph Smith was a prophet.  She said. "I have chills." My companion and I about fell to the floor.

Sweet Sister Hayden was surprised to see what Marceline was like.
No Sister Hayden, if I can't pull out my Nikes to walk to Utah, you sure cannot pull out your bike. 

Water pipes frozen at the apartment, off to the motel we go.
Man this transfer has started off well.

President Morgan, my hair is literally freezing because of the cold. 
This experience has been so hilarious, it may win the gold.

Jacksonville, Illinois, Sister Haderlie was the funniest sister I ever did know.
A member sister Maddison, after all did teach me to sew.

I learned sign language, oh how I giggle at that.
How did I pull that one out of the hat?

The Dambacher family, what a miracle.
Oh Heavenly Father, my heart is full.

Sister Ewell just as beautiful as can be.
I learned that being a hairstylist just wasn't for me.

Off to the city, St. Louis here I come. 
I thought I had learned a lot and there was no more to come.

Boy was I wrong, when I met Lulu, the girl that changed me.
Oh heavenly father, how can I repay thee?

Stop smoking, you can do it. God loves you more than a bit.
A wedding and a piece of cake.  Just don't ask Sister Edgel and I to bake it.

Wedding bells ring, happiest day I ever did see.
Alex, lulu, and Mosi the happiest family ever to be.

Daniel and Carolyn, the church is true. 
Thank you for going and doing all that the father asked of you.

Transfer calls, why am I leaving?
Oh how I am going to miss seeing Lulu beaming. 

I'll be at your baptism in spirit Lulu.
After all my birthday is on August 28th too.

Sister Morgan said that the water sparkled on your baptism day.
I love you Lulu. Please never forget that okay?

God's plan is perfect, oh how I love him.

Tears came to my eyes when my parents wrote me and told me my nickname used to be Lulu.
Oh how her spirit and personality changed me forever. We all should be like Lulu,

when the lord told her go an do.
that is exactly what she did too.

Daddy, I promise it is no coincidence that I am in the city.

Not ready to leave Webster Groves area, tears came to my face, 
but the Lord now needs me in another place.

Oh sister Law you are funny, I know you can't see
but you are such a warrior to me.

Training sister Erickson,
man I sure did learn a ton.

Christy Johnson in Danville is so special to me.
Her decision to be baptized and her story is such an example to me.

Christy, Jaiden, Tyrin, Zakiiah, Rylin, and Rhett I will miss you all.  Come into sacrament meeting and take a seat.
And I will miss Rylin running around.  Man he sure does not miss a beat.

Training again- sweet sister Henrie.  Oh what a day when we realized 5 years ago we were EFY pals- a picture we have for proof.
I know that was it absolutely was not a boof.

Amy, Anna, Rebecca, Rachel, Paige, and Allyssa the starfish story, oh Amy, I am so grateful we came to your door.
Something now I know to be true. If you want to baptize more, reactivate more.

Danville 6 months, an area I will always love.
I say thank you to my father above.

Last area, serving with Sister Rapp and then Sister Walker in Fenton.
I came to know that my friend is the Son.

Cinnamon, Whitney, the Ritchie family, and Amanda..... so many memories I will take home.

See you all in 2 weeks.

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