November 18, 2014

Baptisms in Marceline

November 15, 2014 Baptism

Frog Legs......


To start off, I want everyone to know that you are loved by the most MAJESTIC AND POWERFUL HUMAN TO EVER HAVE LIVED. Let that sink in for just a moment. HE LOVES YOU.

I hope everyone is doing well and you are happy and healthy and staying warm. This Missouri weather is cold...... they call it “misery” here in the winters instead of Missouri.......I finally get it. Sister Montgomery and I bundle up....people laugh and say this is just the start of this will be a memorable winter.

A few things to share with you for the week BEFORE I TELL YOU THE GREATEST MIRACLE OF ALL-  this part of the email is mainly to help you laugh.......because I have learned that the cure to anything is to laugh. IT WORKS EVERY TIME. Well this week..............I ate a frog, not a chicken leg........a frog leg. I am a changed woman here in Missouri I tell ya.




We knew that if we trusted in The Lord and prayed to him for help he would help us. THE LORD NEVER BREAKS HIS PROMISES. ALL 3 SISTERS WERE BAPTIZED!!!!

The baptism was at 4:30 p.m. and the forecast was for snow.  A lot of the branch members were concerned because the baptism font was 30 minutes away in Macon. The branch president, his wife, Sister Montgomery, and I all fasted for the Lord to provide a way for the weather to be safe for everyone to get there.  It snowed a little before the baptism, but we all made it SAFE. And let me tell ya something, it snowed a bunch later that night. The Lord provided a miracle for us!

The support from the branch was so awesome!!!! The girls were so happy when they got there. Sister Montgomery and I gave them their white clothes to change into.  When they came out of the bathroom in their white, they looked SO BEAUTIFUL. I about cried. I was so overwhelmed with joy that they were taking this step in their life because I KNEW IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT HEAVENLY FATHER WANTED FOR THEM. How proud he was that they were following the example of Jesus Christ and entering the waters of baptism!!! HE WAS SO PROUD. 

The baptism program went really well. We had the young women's leader speak on baptism. After the girls were baptized. Sister Montgomery and I watched from the side as the girls came out of the water one by one. THEY WERE BEAMING. SO PURE. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO HAPPY. We wrapped our arms around them and couldn't stop smiling. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!

 After Sister Montgomery sang a song acapella about our Savior. It brought in the spirit so strong. After Sister Montgomery and I spoke about our journey of meeting and teaching the White girls. I explained that when we pulled into Marceline the very first day.....I thought to myself........Heavenly Father what can I even do for this little town? Why am I here? I so badly wanted to be an effective instrument in helping find his children to bring the gospel to. I don't know if I ever shared this....but the White girls were one of the first people we met here in Marceline on the first a matter of fact.....we met them the first hour we were here. I testified that the spirit helped and directed us to them.

We used a neat object lesson to teach about the Holy Ghost.  We turned off the lights in the chapel and gave the girls flashlights, which represented the Holy Ghost. We spoke of their journey and talked about each time the girls have felt the spirit in lessons.  We had them turn on their flashlight one by one; at the end of the talk we had them keep their flashlights on BRIGHT. We explained that Jesus Christ was the light to follow and if they did and kept the spirit with them after they were confirmed, they would never be in darkness and they would always be a light to others around them. Next, I read a poem from Heavenly Father to his daughters. After I read it, I looked at each of the girls and I felt the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of them and it was so powerful. I feel so lucky to have been able to be on this journey with these girls. I tell ya what, as you save souls, you find The Lord saving yourself along the way. 

After the baptism we ate some refreshments and Sister White, the mom came up to Sister Montgomery and I and she said, "Tell your moms thank you for letting you come here, because my girls were waiting for you." It was the most humbling thing to be a part of. There is no greater joy than being an instrument in God's hands to bring his children back to him, I AM SO PROUD OF THE WHITE GIRLS AND THE DECISION THEY MADE. MY HEART IS SO FULL. I tell you what, being a representative of Jesus Christ, you can feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for his children.  HE ADORES AND CHERISHES Maddie, Kaylann, and Delaney A WHOLE BUNCH!!!!!!!! I adore them and I know the decision they made will forever change and bless their lives. The White family has touched me in more ways than I could ever have touched them. The next day at church they were confirmed AND IT WAS THE NEATEST THING EVER. As the oldest girl, Maddie was walking back to her chair on Sunday, I thought, she will be a missionary someday. I CAN'T EXPLAIN TO YOU ENOUGH HOW HAPPY OF A DAY IT WAS. I AM SO PROUD OF THOSE SWEET GIRLS. THINKING ABOUT IT, I JUST WANT TO CRY BECAUSE I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM. It was a perfect day for them. One I hope they always remember forever and ever. Because I know I always will. Teaching these girls has been a miracle. THEY ARE MY MIRACLE. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!


the Missouri girl

Sister Dahlberg

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