December 20, 2014

December Greetings From Marceline

Hello to everyone that I love a whole bunch,

"He is the one who healed the leper. And who brought the dead to life. He is the one who fed the hungry and who gave the blind their sight. He is the one who walked on water. And then he brought them safe to shore. And whenever you may need him. He is the one you are looking for. So let him him in. He'll take away your pain. When you feel his love you'll never be the same. Come unto Christ. Come unto him. And by his grace be made holy again. He is calling your name. He is waiting for you with arms opened wide. Come unto Christ. He is the one who taught forgiveness and showed a better way. he is the one who helped the hopeless and those who've gone astray. He is the Savior and Redeemer. The bread of life. The prince of peace. If your hungry, lost, or captive, he is the one who will set you free. So let him in and you'll remember who you are. He'll mild your life and change your willing heart. Come unto Christ. Come unto him. And by his grace be made holy again. He is calling your name. He is waiting for you. With arms opened wide. Come unto Christ. And you find ETERNAL LIFE."

Some lyrics to a song about Jesus Christ that I absolutely love. Read the words. I mean.....really read them and cherish them. Every time I read them, I just feel so overwhelmed with the love He offers every single one of us. He is the Christ. He is my hope.

A little about my week here in Marceline, but before that.... CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON! WOW! SO SOON! You should see how Sister Montgomery and I decorated our apartment......HAHAHAHAHA we have Christmas lights hanging up with tape...........but the tape doesn't like to stay..... so we will be studying or something and you will just hear things falling. the lights falling. we even taped up our stockings. I told Sister Montgomery that they were going to fall, but so far, so good. The life as a missionary during the holiday season....the best.

So this week for district meeting, the elders decided it would be a good idea to have a bake last P DAY everyone baked their treats and we brought them to district meeting on tuesday. The elders had emailed their moms the week before for recipes... IT WAS HILARIOUS YOU GUYS. SO HILARIOUS. EVERYONE BROUGHT THEIR A GAME...... Wanna know something even funnier? We all voted on the top 3................AND GUESS WHO TOOK DEAD LAST PLACE???????????? MEEEEEEEEE. hahahahahahahaha no one liked my burnt pumpkin cookies.....i guess. I even lost to Elder Coates, who brownies tasted TERRIBLE. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We made a stop to St. Louis this week. We got a new car. A FORD FUSION 2015!!!!!! We stopped by the mission home after everything we had to do in St. Louis and visited with Sister Morgan for quite some time. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After Sister Montgomery and I went to dinner in St. Louis. SO MANY CARS. SO MANY HOUSES. SO MANY LIGHTS. SO MANY STORES. SO MANY MALLS. SO MANY TARGETS. We drove around in amazement. When I saw a target, I almost shed some tears. THE CITY.......... WOW!!!!!!! I love St. Louis! I LOVE PRESIDENT AND SISTER MORGAN!

This week we went and volunteered at a nursing home. I had the privilege of painting an older ladies nails. She couldn't remember how old she was. 90+......she was the sweetest thing in the world.

LISTEN HOW COOL- Remember The White girls that were baptized in November???????????????????? They texted us and asked if we could come after our lesson in Meadville, we went over to their house and they had Christmas candy wrapped for us....and then they all went to grab papers on the fireplace. THEY GOT THEIR TEMPLE RECOMMENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

AHHHHH!!!! this weekend Sydney and Camden were BAPTIZED and comfirmed memberrs of the church on SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the lady that came knocking on the door to pick up her son up at The Bloss's house while we were teaching? We invited her in and we taught her about Joseph Smith and she said that she had chills. THAT IS HER. HER AND HER SON WERE BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have come so far!!! So so so so so so far!!!! It was amazing day!!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After Camden (12) was baptized, we asked him how he felt and he had a huge smile on his face and said, "really good.' It was such a special day and I feel very blessed that Heavenly Father let me be apart of their special journey in coming to know and love The Savior and his perfect love that he offers through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bloss family was scheduled to be baptized this Saturday as well, but the dad wasn't quite ready and they want to get baptized as a family, so we recommitted them to another date and we will continue to work with him and encourage them! I LOVE THAT FAMILY A WHOLE BUNCH!!!! Now we put trust and faith in The Lord that everything will work out, just how HE has planned.

"Jesus Christ is not our last chance. He is our only chance. He will show us the way because he is the way."

I love you all a bunch. What a wonderful time of year to be a full time missionary. I love the person who's name is on my name tag. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. HE IS THE GIFT! CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love you all. Thank you for the love and support and all the Christmas cards. 


Sister Dahlberg

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