September 15, 2014


greetings from the girl that is leaving in 10 days.

wait? am i really going to be a sister missionary for 18 months in 10 days?

maybe if i keep saying it, it will feel more real. what do ya think?

wowza. this is all so crazy, yet so exciting.

today was the day of my farewell.

everything went so well. (i didn't faint giving my talk, so that was a huge bonus)

my BFF sang "i won't be still" before i spoke and she brought in the spirit beautifully.

the love and support i received today was so amazing, i still am trying to figure out how i was so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life?

i said goodbye to my brother ben today, as i watched him walk out the front door, it didn't even feel real.

wait a minute, we just got to finally spend time together after 2 years and now we are being separated again? whatzzzzzz up with that?

i can't wait to get  letters from that boy in missouri. (i swear if he gets married while i am gone............ ladies stay away for 18 months. it will be extremely difficult, i know, he is quite charming)

ben's last few words to me, so typical. "the first letter you will receive will be my wedding invitation."


we promised each other some brother and sister facetime dates before i leave, so that should be supa dupa exciting. i love my brothers.

well this dream is quickly becoming a reality and i can't even believe it.

the talk is done, the farewell is over, and the majority of the friend goodbyes have happened.

now it is time to pack the suitcases.
i am still trying to convince my mom that it would be okay to take 5  suitcases instead of 3, that the mission president will completely understand, but she still isn't falling for it, so...... i guess i'll just pack a little lighter.

there is something in missouri and i can't wait to go out and find it.


ten days.
ten days.
ten days.

someone pinch me.

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