August 02, 2014

what i have learned lately

simply because it is late and i can't sleep, so why not do a random, pointless blog post?

1. laughing is good for the soul
2. ice cream is so yummy
3. i could eat watermelon for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied
4. nail polish makes the world go round
5. target is my new favorite place to be
6. getting missionary letters makes my heart happy
7. salt water sandals are heaven sent
8. braids in my hair. all day, everyday (even if my brother calls me a polygamist)
9. i miss someone in another state
10. i stink at making decisions
11. trials are to make us better, not bitter
12. music, i don't know if i could survive without it
13. bringing my camera everywhere is 100 percent necessary
14. heavenly father is aware of me
15. people are placed in our life at a certain time for a special purpose
16. gods plan is greater
17. i can't wait to be a wifey and mommy someday
18. my friends are one of my greatest blessings
19. (:( you decide, it is your choice from the minute you wake up
20. life really is a beautiful thing

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