August 04, 2014

god is good

i marvel at the beautiful place we live in. god is good. utah is the prettiest place. as sunday comes to a close, i learned so much today. the testimonies i heard and the spirit i felt, i'm going to hold close to my heart.

i had an opportunity to talk to a very spiritual, wise man today, in hopes of getting some input and advice on a situation i am in. a man that was in the "70" a few years ago. a man that knows president monson on a person level. (he told me he had his number memorized, i thought he was kidding. he wasn't) i am grateful for church leaders, especially worthy priesthood holders that can lend a hand and wise words when i am in need. 

something hit me today, heavenly father is aware of us, every single thing we are going through. his love is unconditional and he desires for us to be happy. the plan of happiness is powerful and real. the gospel is a beautiful thing my friends.

 god is good. 

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