July 18, 2014

rascal flatts

so i have the best, best friend in the whole wide world. everyone deserves to have a hunter kofford, seriously everyone.

when life gets tough, hunter kofford always comes to the rescue. i mean, ALWAYS. a little over a month ago she surprised me with rascal flatt concert tickets. after we had been talking for months about how fun it would be to go, she drove to Ogden with two tickets in the cutest little package.  it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. i am telling you, everyone deserves a friend like hunter kofford.

so after about a month or so of counting down the days. we headed to tooele utah last night and sang our little hearts out to rascal flatts and it was all so lovely.

i am proud to say, we knew almost every song and PROUDLY sang along. i may or may not have dropped to the ground when he sang, "god bless the broken road."

rascal flatts is the bomb.
summer concerts are the bomb.
hunter kofford is the bomb.

end of story.

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