July 10, 2014


JULY 9, 2014

a little video clip of his return home.

 the waiting game. excitement that was indescribable.
 passing the time, waiting for the flight to come in. so excited to see that boy!
 can you tell we were a little excited? why not jump for joy? right?
 the flight has landed!! IT IS HIM. false alarm, a pilot. IT IS HIM. false alarm, a business man in a suite. anxiously waiting for elder dahlberg to come down the escalator.
 after a bit, mom was starting to get worried and anxious. "brooke seriously my knees are going to buckle."
 THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
 such a stud. look at that smile. welcome home buddy!
my favorite picture of all. pure, utter, joy. a mother seeing her son after two years.

 the sweetest reunion.
 we love our sweet, sweet elder dahlberg!

 how lucky are we to have something that makes a goodbye so hard and a reunion so sweet.
 uncontrollable happiness.
 is it just me, or did he get even more handsome while he was away?
 those dimples. we missed. a lot.
 "is this real life?"
 ryan and ben back together again. best buds.
 four years was a long time apart for these boys. so grateful for their mission service and their examples. my brothers are my everything.

 after four years, the dahlberg siblings are FINALLY back together. happy, happy, day.

 i love elder dahlberg more than words can describe.
 mission accomplished. so proud of him.
 the airport crew. WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

i still can't find the words to describe truly how wonderful his return home was yesterday. happiness and pure joy to just say a few. how lucky are we to have a goodbye that was so hard two years ago, but the sweetest reunion of all yesterday. mexico was lucky to have him for the past two years, but we are all extremely happy to get him back. he radiates the pure love of christ, and he loves his heavenly father with all of his heart, you can tell by just looking at him. his service did not only change the people's lives in mexico, it changed him, and it surely changed the dahlberg family. never have i known someone so full of love, service, and charity. elder dahlberg has the sweetest and biggest heart. for we know better that his service does not stop when the name tag is removed. we are all called to a lifetime of service. i watched elder dahlberg see miracles through the savior and change lives, many, many lives as he served the people of mexico, i can't wait to see what is in store for him now he is back. i still can't believe it, ELDER DAHLBERG REALLY IS HOME!!!


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