June 04, 2014


oh my goodness, hello friends. i promise i am alive. i haven't blogged in so long, deepest apologies. my life right now..................... (those dots are because there aren't many words to describe it).

lately i have learned something, you NEVER KNOW what tomorrow will bring, so be prepared what life has in store for you. the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. be ready for it ALL. because in one day, your whole world can change, when you don't see it coming at all. so there is my little pep talk for you all (or even more for myself, still trying to learn things).

the last month has been one of the craziest months of my life. so many happy moments, yet so many hard, confusing ones. (side note, i wouldn't change the hard ones for the world because i can see growth in the person i am trying to become).

so let me catch you up.

  • I RECEIVED MY MISSION CALL IN MAY, TO ST. LOUIS MISSOURI, leaving SEPTEMBER 24th!!! yeeee!!!! (fun video and blog post coming SOON about that SPECIAL day).
  • i am now a nanny for the cutest four year old girl on the planet. we have fun blowing bubbles, drawing pictures, going on walks, eating ice cream, swinging at the park, swimming, playing dolls, laughing, and singing the frozen soundtrack 90 percent of the day. i love being a nanny. it is the best summer job ever.
  • 99 percent of my friends are on missions and when 20+ emails come in on my phone on MONDAY afternoon, it is the greater than christmas morning. i adore my missionary friends.
  • chad home a little less than a week ago, it was a surprise for us all. i still can't figure out if it is real or not. i am still thinking i will soon wake up for a dream.
  • one of my greatest blessings, hunter kofford drove up from orem last night to surprise me with rascal flatt tickets. it was the best surprise ever. what would we do without amazing friends? i sometimes think she is my little angel sent straight from heaven.
  • my brother returns home from his mission from Mexico on JULY 9TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited, i could cry just thinking about it. (ladies he is single and may just be the cutest human on the planet. what are you waiting for? come july, i will be taking dating applications for him).

so now the balance between preparing to serve a mission, family, friends, boys, job, and some free time on the side is the trickiest part.......


i am ready for the happy, the sad, the good, and the bad...... because you never know what tomorrow will bring (remember?)

i also do know that whatever life throws at us, our heavenly father is ALWAYS there no matter what and i know that if we lean on him, we will find great comfort and strength. even though things may seem hard and confusing at times, he wants us to be HAPPY and he is aware of us and what we are going through.

time will tell.
trust in The Lord

and remember
Heavenly Father wouldn't give us a trial, if he knew we couldn't handle it.

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