May 08, 2014

as of lately

it has now been one week since i moved back home.

the yummy smells,.
spending all day with my partner in crime, momma d.
the home cooked meals.
the people.
my room.

i missed ogden.

but there is always a downer............

i am dying of bored- um. seriously suffering from the case. shopping buddy, snuggle partner, ice cream friend, hiking gal/gent, laughing buddy WANTED. applications are now in the process. but seriously.

and top of all that- i have the most anxious feeling, waiting for some exciting news, so time seems to be going EXTREMELY slow.

while i am on my soap box, i will add that my best friend, Sister Shaw left on tuesday for New Zealand. and if matters couldn't get any more depressing, my other best friend Sister Sholly leaves on the 21st for Hungry, but we aren't going to discuss that matter right now because i will burst into tears.

well on a positive note, i took my dog for a walk today, painted my nails, and put some fresh flowers in my room, so that is exciting....

now on a serious note. lets see.... i love summer and am so happy it is finally here. even the rainy days i love. and pinterest is my numba one lately, so i thought i would share with you some of my favorite things as of lately.

yay for solid quotes. they can make anything and everything better. 

nighty night!

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