June 21, 2014

a weekend (or 4 days) with hunter kofford

so i planned on staying one night in orem with hunter kofford last weekend, but i totally ended up staying four days. it was all just too much fun to leave. a weekend full of so many wonderful things. people kept asking us if we were twins, so i think it is easy to say that we should just be sisters forever or even so just live together forever, but until then we will continue the 1.5 hour drive to play. hunter is my little angel sent from heaven. our friendship is a special one and i am forever grateful for it. oh hey, rascal flatts we are coming for you on july 17th. also, st. george you better get ready for us because hunter and i are hitting the road on friday! 

let me just say that having a friend that is an amazing photographer really, really rocks. check out piper and scoot clothing, it is all so adorable and don't forget to sign up for coopers run at coopersrun.org mark your calendars for JULY 26th, you won't want to miss it, i promise you! (we obviously had a really good time at the parade, we love you coop!)

happy weekend to all of you.

( did i mention that i am in orem again as we speak, spending the day with hunter? i guess the conclusion i am trying to make is.... we are inseparable and i LOVE it!)

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