July 06, 2014

a quick update

time keeps passing by and it is so bittersweet to me. i am not sure where the days go anymore. it is already july, say what? the last few weeks have been so exciting.

we had the missionaries over for dinner and it was so fun to have them in our home, i love the sweet spirit they bring with them. i have an obsession with missionaries, it is pretty serious you guys.

my cute little lunch date. this little one makes me laugh harder than anyone. being a nanny is a blast!

a road trip with a best friend is always a good idea. i think hunter and i listened to the same 4 songs over and over and over and over again. ask me if we have every word memorized now....yep. if you catch us together sometime, i am sure we would be more than willing to sing or rap for you, whatever you prefer. 

 a road trip with one best friend to listen to another best friend give the best farewell talk i have ever heard. i was so happy to be back in st. george for the weekend to see some familiar faces that make my heart happy. i love my sister ovard. she is going to kill it in canada.

goodbyes stink and i h8 them more than anything, but this one was a happy one. this lady is one of my greatest blessings. we became best friends on the first day of school, second semester, right after we realized we had every class together, except one. yes, we did take a weight training class at 7 A.M. together. please just picture it. we had the whole gym at dixie laughing at us. meeting aynsley was the biggest answer to my prayers. we laughed through every single class and sometimes even flirted with married men, clearly on accident. my most favorite memories in st. george are with this dear. i could write a book about aynsley. everyone needs to know someone like aynsley ovard and that is a fact. 

so new hobbies are cool, right? well i am TRYING to take up long boarding as mine and it has been quite humorous. have i had near death experiences yet? i'll let you decide that one. 

 if this isn't the cutest picture ever, i am not sure what is. i have a big announcement, some really exciting news for everyone. are you ready?


yes, i am so excited i could cry. 
Mexico has had him for the past 2 years and we are all so excited to get him back.
JULY 9th, is going to be a GOOD one. 
so giddy and so happy already.
i have the cutest missionary brother in the whole world.

a little update because i am really bad at keeping this dang blog updated. guilty of charge. hope everyone had a lovely 4th of july.

think happy, be happy, do good. 

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