February 05, 2014

tender mercy

Heavenly Father warms my heart through his missionaries. letters always seem to come on the days when i need them most.

after going to bed last night, not feeling good. i woke up this morning...not wanting to get out of bed. i got in the shower, put a big sweatshirt on, and went to class with wet hair. you guys, i even fell asleep on the floor on campus in between my classes. to say the least, i wasn't feeling too hot. i came home from class and slept all day, literally all stinkin' day. it was the weirdest thing, i woke up randomly with my heart beating really fast (i had a feeling i had a letter waiting for me) i jumped out of bed, and quickly went to the mailbox, to find a letter patiently waiting for me to rip it open. i don't receive letters very often, so when i do, i adore the heck out of them. why did the letter come today, when i needed it most? it is simple, it is because Heavenly Father is aware of us, he answers our prayers.

i am grateful for the sweet elder that followed the prompting of the spirit to write me when he did because it was exactly what i needed to hear.

it was the sweetest, most supporting, and thoughtful letter i have ever received.

i adore missionaries with all of my heart. i am a happy, happy, happy girl.


p.s. i may just go read the letter 92759379 more times.

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