February 12, 2014

everyone meet aynsley

"Aynsley is Brazil a.....
    a. country
b. state
c. city 





isn't she the cutest? meet aynsley everyone. she is heaven sent, an answer to my prayers. after only meeting her once first semester, thinking she was the most adorable thing. i never imagined we would become so close. after Christmas break, struggling with the decision to come back to dixie or not, i pulled up my "big girl panties" and came. the first day of school, second semester was the greatest thing, a miracle happened. aynsley was in ALL of my classes (not planned let me remind you). that cute girl i had met once before was talking and laughing with me instantly, little did i know, soon she would become my inseparable partner in crime.

"people don't come in your life by accident. everyone that crosses your path serves a purpose."

we laugh through almost every class.
we are texting each other 24/7.
we have an obsession with jimmy johns.
if i am not with her, we are talking on the phone.
we tell each other EVERY detail of every little thing.
we wear sweats and no makeup 99 percent of the time.
some of us more than others, have been caught flirting with married men.
we both are in love with TJ MAXX, guilty of charge.
we help each other through hard times.
we sometimes cry when doing homework, but then we start laughing 2 minutes later.
we love pictures.
we love taco bell lately, it is our go to.
sometimes we go to basketball games and social media stalk the cute basketball players. calling each other, freaking out when they follow us back.
we signed up for a weight training class at 7AM. we find it when the cute boys aren't there, we aren't very motivated.
we love to know every detail about everyone, even if we have only known them for 5 minutes.
we laugh every second, truthfully.
we are inseparable and i couldn't be happier about it.

to be honest, i don't know what i would do without her. i am so thankful Heavenly Father placed her in my life. what did i ever do before her? i now understand why they say, "you meet some of your best friends in college."

saying she is heaven sent, is an understatement. she is the sweetest, most adorable, loving, and not to mention, FUNNIEST human on the planet. i get aynsley and she gets me. i am so grateful for this friendship, it definitely will always be one i cherish.

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