February 15, 2014

love day


i seriously think Valentines day is the cutest. i love..... LOVE. yesterday i saw a guy walking in my apartment complex with two hands, full of roses, i started screaming out the window of my car. i asked him if they were for his girlfriend and he responded, "duh, that is what valentines day is for." i wanted to cry it was so cute. i seriously love Valentines day you guys.

although Valentines day was different this year, aynlsey and i weren't going to let that stop our "party." we started planning valentines days months ago, literally months ago. we had been looking forward to Feb. 14 forever. ( mostly for endless love to come out, ahhhhhh!!)

after school, we headed to the temple, not to mention that i ran out of gas on the way (happy love day to me) please for a moment.......picture aynsley and i trying to solve that problem. i wish so badly someone would have been there to record us, it could have been on funniest home videos FOR SURE.

we got all dolled up, and went to SAKURA, a sushi restaurant ( seriously, heaven on earth) besides the fact that the wait was 93084038 hours long to be seated and we were the only two girls at dinner, it was the greatest thing. cute couples everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

after dinner we headed to the movie, i was so excited i could have cried. we got to the movie and we were so giddy. the movie started and we were gasping, laughing, talking, and awwing. it was the cutest love story ever. i think i may go back again tomorrow. SO DARLING. can i have a summer love already?

i loved yesterday.
i love valentines day.
hope you all had a lovely LOVE day.


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  1. You have a fascinating take on things. I'm sorry to hear about your car running out of gas, though. It's stuff like that that demands that help be available, no matter what. Good thing refueling services are just around the corner and one phone call away. Take care!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company