January 29, 2014

college n stuff'

late night thoughts sometimes can get jumbled all over the place, so i apologize in advance. today i started thinking about blogging and how it truly can be used to make a positive impact on others. granted i am not the best at it and i hope to improve. i want to try and make a positive impact, stand as an example to others, and give some good advice here and there. graduating seniors listen up, this is for you.

I keep hearing younger girls ( and guys) talking about college. College talk is on the street lately. Where to go? What to go into? Future plans? Move away from home? Stay home? Weber? Utah State? BYU? Utah University? UVU? Dixie?  It must be the time to turn in college applications or somethin? Well ladies and gents, don't fret. I was in your spot over a year ago (freaks me out to say that, time is moving too quickly). You may feel super stressed and you may even feel like it is the end of the world. Please don't stress, it gets better, i pinky promise.

Many of you know, I was ready to go to Utah State in the Fall after i graduated. My heart was set to live in Logan (only 45 minutes away from home). I had an apartment, roommates, and registered classes, ready to go. 

As time passed, i started to second guess my decision ( imagine that..) Did i make the right decision? Am i supposed to go to Utah State? The more i started second guessing myself, the more i turned to my savior- for help and strength to help me make the best decision possible. 

The more i relied on my savior, the easier it got. Little by little and piece by piece, things started falling into place for me at Dixie State University. It was almost like Heavenly Father was whispering in my ear, "Utah State would be great, but I have a different plan for you. There is something wonderful in store for you at Dixie."

My decision to go to Dixie, felt good and right. (don't second guess those feelings you get inside guys) A few weeks later, I packed my things up, said my goodbyes and hit the road ( 4.5 hours away). I remember getting in the car with my stuff packed to the top, thinking-" I am really doing this? Ready or not, here I come St. George." 

It is no secret that college is hard, dang hard. There are good days and down right, hard days. Learning to live on your own,  being independent, adjusting to college classes, learning to cook and clean, being away from everything you knew for 18 years, and making important decisions that will effect you forever.  I guess they call it something like, adulthood?

Well now I have stepped into a new chapter of my life. (the college and adulthood life) I wouldn't change it for the world. There are days when homesickness kicks in and I don't think I can handle it one more day. I was told once by the sweetest missionary, "you have to taste the bitter in order to taste the sweet." The good days overpower the bad ones for sure. The people I have met and the memories i have made are unforgettable. I wouldn't change the experiences i have had for the world. I would have never learned the things i am learning if I wouldn't have moved away from home. I am now a cleaning, cooking (sort of) and laundry doing woman and i secretly love it. I can see now why they say, "college is the best time of your life." I am going to Dixie and this is where i belong.

Embrace this part of your life guys, it is happening whether you like it or not. College is something to look forward to. This is a happy time.

Enough lecturing- lets talk apartment-dorm decorating.

I had a serious blast getting everything ready to move away. Planning on how I wanted to decorate my new room was the greatest thing ever. Polka dots, cheetah patterns, flowers, old records, dream catchers, sparkly lights, bright colors, funky pillows, and lots and lots of pictures. (college apartments remind me a little like jail sails, so I had to spruce up the place somehow, right?)

Dixie is where i belong and i am embracing every second of this adventure, my new college adventure.

Don't stress, college is fun, the stress and worries won't last forever. Take a deep breath, don't stress and don't forget to listen to those feelings inside.

Now lets embrace our new journeys together. After all it is happening, whether we like it or not. This is college and this is fun.

Good luck with your big decisions coming up. I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak of my college life here in st. george.

speaking of college- i better get back to homework and studying.
tell next time.

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