June 15, 2015

Six weeks in St. Louis Missouri and now to Danville Illinois

June 2, 2015
 Hello beautiful people,
 Oh how I love sweet Elder Tom Perry and oh how I miss him deeply already. Whenever I saw a picture of him or listened to him at general conference, he just made me smile so big. I love that man and I am grateful for the valiant apostle he was. I am sure when he gets to the spirit world he will hear the words, "well done, my faithful servant." 

I don't know if I ever admitted to this, but one of my fun mission goals was to sing at a meeting…random I know..........So, we see the elders at the library last week and they make a joke about how they have 4 hours to fill for district meeting because of president interviews.  So I say, “hey...... we will sing”................ the elders were like, really? YEAH, WE WILL!!! Giggling and thinking to myself, Sister Dahlberg…Now Look What You Have Done! Well, needless to say, Sister Edgel and I practiced for dayyyyyys straight while we were in the car driving places. We chose the song, The Army Of Helaman.  Wait, did I mention we did it with no piano, yes, you read that correctly.  WE SANG AT PRESIDENT INTERVIEWS.  Besides the fact that one of us got off tune the last few words and we started giggling.  From one of the APS point of view, he thought it was really good. I won't be surprised if they ask us to sing at something big.  We are just waiting for the call to sing at mission conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson, sadly we never got that call....................... LOL So get this... our zone leaders called us that night to tell us how good our performance was, and I told Elder Timothy.......... you don't have to be nice...............I know I am tone deaf.  He said, “No Sister Dahlberg, you are not tone deaf, but you may have some tonal issues.” (HE IS A BIG MUSIC GUY) lol He wants to record us singing next district meeting. Still laughing about that by the way.

This week we picked up a Muslim Investigator, Issa. Wow, this will be interesting. It is time for Sister Dahlberg to start remembering some deep doctrine. lol Hey when in doubt...........follow the spirit, it will never lead you astray. Oh how grateful I am for the spirit leading and guiding me everyday.

Lulu, our investigator, didn't think she could feed us because we have declined water at her house (because we have our own water bottles).  When she found out she could feed the missionaries, she was so excited!!! She had us over for an African meal. I ate fish, repeat I ate fish!!!!! I LOVE LULU SO MUCH. And guess what else we did? WE PLANNED HER WEDDING. YES, WE ARE THE WEDDING PLANNERS/ BRIDE MAIDES for sweet LULU!  Bishop is going to marry them on June 13th at 6:00 p.m. We are still looking into church records to see if she has been baptized in Africa already or not, it is a confusing investigation. Due to Lulu's life, she isn't sure of her real name and things and so she thinks she may have been baptized in the Mormon church in Africa..... but her records are nowhere to be found. So with the help of the ward, we should find out this week what the plan is. Lulu has made so many changes in her life and she is so willing and wanting to follow God. I am so proud of her and that she is getting married!!! This is right for her, she has such a desire to do what is right, even if that means making changes. She comes to church and everyone adores her. She comments on things and she is just so bubbly and happy. We all have hope that her fiancé, Alex, will join someday. HE IS COMING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lulu has changed me forever. We told her that we were friends forever, not just friends while we are missionaries.  We talked about after the mission, spending time together.  Lulu is just exactly what Sister Edgel and I needed. She is just exactly what this church needs.  She is lovely. 

Bishop talked with our investigators at church, Daniel and Carolyn and he gave them the okay to get baptized on June 14th!!! This week we are planning a wedding and a baptism. WE GOT THIS. LOL I think I am getting gray hairs. jk.

Okay did you know how funny Elder D Todd Christofferson is? Yesterday before mission conference we got pictures as zones with he, his wife, president Morgan, and all those wonderful people! I want to share some highlights with you of the experience I had yesterday with 200 others servants of Jesus Christ.

President Morgan talked about how proud the Lord is of us and even though sometimes we don't feel like we are doing this work perfectly, he told us not to have a heavy heart, to be strong, and that Jesus Christ can help push our load. He told us that we have angels round about us bearing us up. Sister Morgan talked to us about listening to Elder Christofferson.  She said, "I felt the love of the Savior through his voice." An area 70 spoke to us and it was so powerful. The reality of the living Christ is real. Sister Christofferson was so cute, she talked about how we need to prepare our oil (spirit) so that the lord can bless us according to our preparations. She spoke about how important morning studies are. We need that spiritual tank to be full to walk out the door every single day.

Elder Christofferson got up and said, “Two apostles in one month have visited you. You must be really good or really bad. Which one is it?  Looking at President Morgan, we laughed and laughed. He also joked that he is pleased to see President Morgan still walking. hahahahaha the stress of mission president life...

He talked about why we are here in this mission and he said, “You could succeed anywhere, but he needs you here. Pay close attention to President and Sister Morgan, the Lord has something for you to learn.”

"We feel the influence of the Lord. The lord needs you here, he wants you to be here."

"The Lord wants the core of men and woman to learn the gospel in their first language.”

He said, "When assigning calls the impression comes clearly that he knows you perfectly. He couldn't love you better." 

I learned and came to the realization, I did not come on my mission because I want the Lord to bless me, I came because I owe so much to my older brother, yet I am going to go home with even more debt. We as missionaries get so much more, than we could ever give.

Elder Christofferson was asking a question and he looked at us and was like someone help me here, so I can give a talk on this someday. LOL

Just like Paul in Corinthians, God is allowing Sister Dahlberg to be a part of his work, what a blessing. God gave the increase.

To know if someone is ready to receive the gospel he asked us, are they willing to read the BOM? If not, they will not be converted.

We can't just march in place, we have to move forward. We can't be content with just being busy, we must work smart. Are people being converted everyday?

He talked about even if you are burned out, to keep going. SERIOUSLY KEEP GOING.

He joked about not asking any questions about the 3 Nephites, we all laughed for a while about that one!

He told a cute story about Elder Perry and what a great example he is about KEEPING ON GOING.

He joked with President Morgan and it was hilarious. 

He talked a lot about following the spirit and he talked a lot of the atonement.

His advice to us for the rest of our life.   ‘You can learn things of value from everyone, no matter their circumstances. They may be far below their potential, but we must treat everyone with love and respect just as the Savior would.’

Part of being the Lord's servants comes from having a broken heart and a rejoicing heart. That is the life of his servants.

He said regarding the truthfulness of the gospel with firmness, “IT IS REAL. IT IS TRUE. IT IS A FACT, I DON"T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS."

He said, “We love you. You are our companions.” 


I got to thinking and here is what I have learned this week:

I know He lives. I know sometimes I doubt his reality, but deep in my soul I know that He lives. He knows me perfectly. He called me to this mission because he knows what is best. This work is real. This is not glory to myself or the work I think I have done, because all the glory goes to my perfect Father in Heaven. How lucky are we to have our perfect older brother leading this church?  Elder D. Todd Christofferson, just as the others, is the Lord's mouthpiece, through his fruits I know HIM and through his voice I know HIM. I know that He lives. I know it in my heart. I will know it forever.

I love you all deeply.

-sister dahlberg 

June 8th, 2015
Hello sweet people,

 It is P day again. What? Transfer calls are this week? What? Okay it is so hot, the humidity, it feels the same way I felt when I stepped off of the plane when we went to Hawaii, sticky. (Heavenly Father is giving me a little taste of my Hawaiian mission) lol

So last night, I couldn't fall asleep because I am so excited about everything that is going on here, in this sweet city of St. Louis.

Well let me tell you something. Note to self: I DO NOT WANT TO BE A WEDDING PLANNER, EVER. Planning a wedding that will be in the little primary room, that is supposed to be simple....................yikes, wedding planning........................ stressful. Wow, so stressful. The colors, yellow, gold, blue and green....... Don't worry today we are working on the wedding planning. BUT SERIOUSLY, I AM SO HAPPY TO HELP, IF THAT MEANS LEADING SOMEONE TO THE WATERS OF BAPTISM. IT IS THE BESSSSST JOY EVER. Lulu, who lives with her fiancé and soon to be husband, Alex, CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lulu bore her testimony at church yesterday and it blew me away. I wish I could describe how amazing she is, but words just don't put it into perspective. LULU IS MY HERO.


We had a mini missionary come and stay with us and work with us for a few days. She is 16 and her name is Brittni, I love working with the youth, helping them understand the importance of missionary work, what a neat experience that was. She would be a superstar missionary if in the future she chooses to go. It was fun to have her tag along with us to see what the missionary life is all about. I looked at her during a lesson and she was yawning.......yawning..........yawning..................... I just giggled. It is okay sweet Brittni, you are just tired, but no better joy comes from serving our Lord, our Master, our perfect older brother.

This should be such a great and busy week, preparing for baptism for some lovely people and helping with the wedding for adorable, Lulu! The ward members have been really sweet to help out with things. (Such an answer to our prayers) 

I forgot to tell you, last week we were helping this lady clean her kitchen and there was a moldy pan of mac and cheese.  We tried to soak it, and I went to set it outside and it spilled all over me. I screamed, oh you better believe I screamed. But hey I must admit... I am so much braver than I used to be. I promise. I have come so far. LOL

I saw my first firebug a few weeks ago, so that was exciting. Did you know bugs still love my blood and I am getting eaten alive.  Some things haven't changed, don't worry I am still smiling. 

I could just keep rambling, but just know that I love you all. I love my mission. I love the Lord. 

Have a good week!!!  

Love, Sister Dahlberg

June 15, 2015
Well so much is going on, it is insane. The past week has flown by because it just feels like we haven't stopped. Where do I even start?
I am being transferred. Lulu, Daniel, and Carolyn signed the inside of my BOM yesterday. (that is something I have had people do that enter the waters of baptism and have come to know the
Savior Jesus Christ, that I have had the humbling experience to be a part of their journey) and it really hit me, I am leaving after 6 weeks. I absolutely love these people here.  Lulu had something come up, so she will be getting baptized next Saturday, on Father’s Day. 

I called to find out about transfers and found out I will be leaving this city after just 6 short weeks. I am going to Danville, IL.  I will be Sister Law’s companion.  She is a sister who is partially disabled and she is partially blind. I think she came out the transfer after me. I have met her before and she just amazes me. Just seeing her and being around her, you want to become better. I look forward to serving her and serving with her in this beautiful work.

I called President Morgan back in tears, and he asked if we had heard about transfer calls yet.......we said yes.....he asked how I was doing. I was crying and I asked president, “What did I do wrong?  Why am I leaving after just 6 weeks?”  I joked, “Maybe you don’t like having me as your neighbor.”  He said, “You have done nothing wrong, but you did everything right, that is why I am sending you out of this area.”  I guess I am needed somewhere else now.  He explained that sister Law needs a patient companion and other things. I believe that I did my best to build up this area, after just 6 short weeks, I have fallen in love with the city.  Every area just seems to change my life forever. President Morgan told me that he has a plan for me and this is all part of the plan and that I truly needed to trust him. He asked if we could still be friends, in tears I just kept telling him, “I will trust you, I will trust you, realizing that I could not see Lulu get baptized.  I was heartbroken.
That night was tough, I wasn't prepared to leave, and I wasn't expecting it…really.  This area will now be a training area, for a new missionary coming in. So that is great news, I hope that the new sweet missionary loves the city just as much as I do!
Daniel and Carolyn were baptized yesterday. Oh my, after Lulu's wedding we were burned out.  But we just keep going and we said if we can plan, decorate and be in a wedding, we can do this baptism next. There were so many things that I will always remember about their baptism and the sweet spirit that was there.  Such a special day!!!! Carolyn wanted to wear a rainbow belt with her white clothes......and Daniel pulled out blue swim shorts. I just love them.  It was great to be a part of their journey and to see them enter the waters of baptism! They will be confirmed next Sunday! 
LULU's wedding goes as follows, I will try and send pictures in the order of everything that happened. Oh my goodness, I love my mission, everything about it. I love Lulu so much, let me remind you never have I ever planned a wedding. A DAY TO ALWAYS REMEMBER. I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER TO GET BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK. I told Sister Edgel she better send me pictures of all of it. Did I mention that Lulu and I have the same birthday?????????????? I ADORE HER. 
THE WEDDING WAS A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lulu and Alex ARE MARRIED!!!! Next step, baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures of Daniel and Carolyn's baptism yesterday! Such a special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my service in the city has been very memorable.  We are headed to the Arch today. I love serving the Lord. " WHAT GOD REQUIRES IS RIGHT." I TRULY WILL GO WHERE YOU WANT ME TO GO DEAR LORD. I love him and I trust in him fully. Who can believe this transfer I will hit halfway???????????? I can't wait to see my MTC pals at the temple later this transfer, remember we get to go to the temple when we hit our halfway mark.   
Also I will be serving in a little part of Indiana, just a fun fact. Almost at 9 months and I will have served in 3 states. I seriously am so happy to be here. I am excited to meet the people that will change my life forever in Danville.  Area number 4, here I come!!
Love, Sister Dahlberg 

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