January 27, 2015

January 2015 In Marceline Missouri

January 12, 2015


it is me, SISTER DAHLBERG HERE IN COLLLLLDDDD Marceline, Missouri.

i love you all.

so you are never going to believe this, on Wednesday night i was getting ready to wash my face to go to bed and the water out of the faucet, just had a small drip, i yelled to sister hayden....ummmmmm i think they turned off our water................. then i realized what had happened. the water pipes froze..............well turns out they burst and we haven't had running water since Wednesday night. just picture it, sister hayden and i washing dishes with water bottles, we can't do laundry.  every time we have to go to the bathroom, we have to drive somewhere, and we are showering at a motel in the morning. hahahah I called the lady in charge of apartments for the mission, and told her our situation.   it just so happened to be, that president morgan was in a meeting with the staff, so she said, President Morgan is sitting right here, let me call you back. so she called back and she said that President offered to let us stay at a hotel in brookfield until the problem was fixed.  i assured him  that i was sure we could handle just showering at the motel that our land lady offered to let us use, so we turned down the hotel.  now here we are.... still no running water. the other day we showered and left the motel with wet hair and it was 9 degrees outside, so the bottom of our hair froze. I told president today in emails that i always wanted to go to Africa on my mission and now i get to live a little part of it! hahahahahhahaha i think it should be fixed today! cross your fingers!

GUESS WHO CAME BACK TO MARCELINE FOR EXCHANGES? MYYYY BFFFFFFF SISTER MONTGOMERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!! if you can only imagine how happy everyone was to have her back in marceline. best day. 

Remember the White girls dad? well get this. HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON the 24Th and he is SOOOOOOO READY!!!!!!!!!! wow. SUCH A MIRACLE!!!! He was back and forth and wasn't 100 percent sure, but he told us that everything just makes sense now. He is glowing! ahhhh! He is talking about what temple he wants to get sealed in next year with his family and everything. AHHH! COOLEST THING EVER!! I can't wait for the 24th! I jokingly told him I would just sign myself up for a musical number at his baptism..... because I am SO GOOD at singing....and he just laughed. I think we will leave that one to Sister Montgomery. YES SISTER MONTGOMERY IS COMING BACK FOR IT!

The Bloss family is supposed to get baptized this Saturday. They have come SO SO SO SO SO SO FAR!!! I know Heavenly Father has a timeline for everything and it will work out just the way it is supposed to! Please keep them in your prayers. We are working with President Morgan and the branch president of this branch to get all the details worked out! 

So today in studies, I was reading in Alma 24 about the Laminates repenting and becoming the Anti-Nephi-Lehis. It talked about them being converted to The Lord and wanting to follow God more fully, so they buried their weapons. That is such a powerful chapter and lesson for us all. It got me thinking- what do I need to bury to be more converted to the Lord? Think about it yourself. What do you need to bury to follow God more fully? Just like Sister Montgomery and I did with the Bloss family, we read that chapter and each one of us wrote down something we wanted to get rid of in our lives to follow God more exactly.  We went around the room and wrote it on our own sticky note and then went outside and dug a place to bury the sticky notes. I would challenge you all to do the same for this New Year! Lets start if off following the lord more fully and i promise you MORE peace and MORE happiness will come to you!

Oh this week we went to visit former investigators and we knocked on a door and a man opened it and said, "if the missionaries stopped keep getting switched out, I would be Mormon by now." hahahahaha that was surprising because sadly, a lot of people here seem to have a lot against the Mormons.

Oh this is cool too, last night we went to dinner at the Zimmerman’s and I shared the spiritual thought and read d and c 76: 22-23, not knowing it was Sister Zimmerman’s favorite scripture.  I told them everything would be okay.  You see, Brother Zimmerman lost his job and they are trying to figure out where the Lord wants them to go.  Sister Zimmerman looked at me with tears in her eyes. I gave her my little picture of the scripture that I printed out before my mission and told her to hang it up on her fridge! They are such an awesome family. LOOK AT THAT SCRIPTURE. It is one of my favorites!

From President Packer’s talk called "The Witness" at the end he says, quote:

"After all the years that I have lived and taught and served, after the millions of miles I have traveled around the world, with all that I have experienced, there is one great truth that I would share. That is my witness of the Savior Jesus Christ.
Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon recorded the following after a sacred experience:
“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!
“For we saw him” (D&C 76:22–23).
Their words are my words.
 I believe and I am sure that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that He lives. He is the Only Begotten of the Father, and “by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created, and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God” (D&C 76:24).
I bear my witness that the Savior lives. I know the Lord. I am His witness. I know of His great sacrifice and eternal love for all of Heavenly Father’s children. I bear my special witness in all humility but with absolute certainty, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
How lucky are we to be lead and guided by prophets and apostles? SO LUCKY! I love this work.
 I love you all. Have the most fabulous week! Please know that I love and care for you all! Thank you for all the love and support!
Sister Dahlberg

January 19, 2015

Oh my goodness, there is so much I want to tell you all. HAPPPPPYYYY DAYYYYYYYY.

Okay well I never in a million years would have guessed that my companion and I would have to stay in a motel because our water pipes burst in our apartment. Oh wow, what a week!

When we found out that our pipes were not going to be fixed until later in the week, and as much as we loved showering at the motel and driving back to our apartment with wet hair having our hair freeze and having no running water. Literally. That was fun for a few days, but finding out our apartment was going to take longer to fix, we knew we needed to inform President and he would have a solution for us.... so when President called we all laughed and laughed. I told him the story about our hair freezing when we went outside and he said, "Oh no, I am sure you now have split ends." FUNNIEST THING EVER. I laughed and laughed and laughed. So funny. We figured out a solution.  We stayed in a motel in Marceline until the problem was fixed. All Sister Hayden and I could do was laugh and keep plugging along. I am happy to say that we are back in our apartment!! Oh what a crazy week!

Okay before I forget. I read Alma 26 a few days ago. AHHHHHH may just be my new favorite chapter. I AM LOVING THE BOOK OF MORMON! 

Alma 29:9. LOVE

So are you ready for the most exciting news of all?????????????????????????????????????

Long story short, Sister Hayden and I were praying to Heavenly Father to help us figure out the situation with The Bloss family regarding their baptism this week. We went and visited Christina on Friday morning, we knew we needed to and we still weren't sure if Brent was going to be able to get baptized. We had a wonderful conversation with her. Sister Hayden and I got in the car and I had the most peaceful feeling come over me. I looked at Sister Hayden and she said that she had the same feeling as well. We read d&c 20 in the car about the qualifications for baptism and my heart just felt happy and at peace. I felt that Heavenly Father wanted Brent to be baptized with his family, even though he was still working through some things, but he was trying SO HARD. We knew it wasn't our choice though and really we didn't have much say. So we made some phone calls to the district leader, who interviewed them and our branch president and President Morgan. We knew that president Morgan held the keys over this mission and he would follow the spirit in making the decision and whatever he felt was right, we knew was right. 

Later President called back and we all talked, about this specific situation, and he had a similar feeling as we did and the branch president.  So we quickly planned the baptism Friday afternoon.

 THE BLOSS FMAILY WAS BAPTIZED AS A FAMILY ON SATURDAY AND IT WAS THE MOST SPECIAL DAY!!!!!!! I wish you all could see HOW FAR that family has come. Brent has been trying SO HARD to follow Jesus Christ more fully. He truly had a broken heart and a contrite spirit. His life has completely changed. AHHHHHH!!!! It is amazing what the gospel can do for people and how it can change lives.

The baptism on Saturday will be one I never ever forget. It was so special and unique to The Bloss family. Sister Montgomery was able to come back!!!! Brent wore his cowboy boots with his white jumpsuit! We all laughed and laughed. I LOVE THE BLOSS FAMILY!!! AHHHH!! Sister Montgomery sang at the baptism and while she was singing the little one, Trace went up on the stand and was making everyone kind of giggle. They asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost and while I was speaking Trace started playing the piano and everyone giggled. I couldn't pronounce a name in my talk; I tried several times and someone in the audience said, “AHH JUST GIVE IT UP”  EVERYONE LAUGHED SO HARD. Even me. We were trying to take pictures with everyone in the family......hahah I will never forget that. The Bloss baptism fits their family perfectly. They were so happy and overall it was the perfect day for them! I know we will always remember forever. THEY FOLLOWED THE EXAMPLE OF JESUS CHRIST AND TOOK UPON THEM HIS NAME. SUCH A SPECIAL DAY!

They were confirmed members of the church yesterday at the branch and it was so special. That little room in the trailer was full of people and the stake president was there, so hopefully he sees that they need to start working on the church building for that branch because it is growing!!! Brent went first and he stood up and said out loud, "I have to go in front of everyone? I may start shaking." Everyone giggled.


Don White is getting baptized on Saturday. He has met with so many missionaries and he is finally ready to make this special covenant with God, we asked him about it and he said, "It just all makes sense." YESSS HE IS RIGHT THIS GOSPEL IS THE PERFECT GOSPEL. JESUS CHRIST LEADS HIS CHURCH! We went and taught him last night and we asked him if he would pay his tithing after he was a member, and he was like....."We already are. YESSSSS.” He is ready and I am so excited for his baptism on Saturday!!!! Seeing how far he has come, from the first time we met with his girls to now.... it is such a miracle. God’s hand is in this work!! They are even talking about what temple they want to get sealed in, in a year! AHHHH!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!

Miracles here in sweet, little Marceline. 

The weather here is warm! Well I should say warmer. People say it won't last long. So we are enjoying it while it lasts. We have zone conference on Wednesday in Columbia so that should be neat! I can't believe this transfer is half way over. Where is time going? Oh p.s went we went to St. Louis this week, we got there a little early, so we went to Target for a few things. I almost cried. I guess dollar general just isn't living up to Target. hahaha 

YOU GUYS THIS WEEK WAS SO AMAZING!!!!! THE BLOSS FAMILY IS BAPTIZED. Thank you for all the prayers regarding them and this work. We can feel all the prayers and I know and can testify to you all that Heavenly Father knows us and wants us to be happy. He has mercy, patience, and he is full of love. And that is something that I really learned this week! HE ANSWERS PRAYERS AND HE CAN PERFORM MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all so very much!!

Sister Dahlberg 

January 26th, 2015
Dear Family and Friends,

It is okay to pick favorite weeks of my mission, right? WELL THIS WEEK WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. I am typing so fast, trying to tell you everything that is on my mind. WHAT A WEEK FULL OF MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! I am on cloud 9 with missionary work. 

Okay well to start off and maybe to get a few giggles, this week was Zone Conference.  We were told MULTIPLE times by our district leader that it started at 10:30. Marceline is, I believe the farthest area up in the mission, and so whenever we have to travel, we always need lots and lots of time. Anyhow Sister Hayden and I are driving to Columbia and I get a text from Sister Montgomery, she says, "you sisters almost here?" WAIIIIITTT WHHHHHATTTT????? My heart dropped to my toes, well it started at 10:00...............and when we got there 30 minutes late.... the mission nurse was waiting out on the couch for us, she told us that President Morgan told everyone we were waiting on 2 sisters and when they came in to be sure to turn and look at them. (OHHHH PRESIDENT MORGAN) I was sure she and he was kidding, NOPPPPPEEEEE. We walked in, and almost everyone turned, the speaker paused, and Sister Montgomery was saving us seats on the second row, right in front of President and Sister Morgan. We sat down and I was giggling because I was so embarrassed. I am pretty sure President thought we ran out of gas or something because he chuckled and gave us the, "is everything okay look?" After we talked to him, and we all just laughed and told him we were told the wrong time. HAHAHAH Mom he jokingly told me he was going to have to call you and tell you I was okay with the water situation, but seriously the bottom of my hair froze.

Oh, and this week we were going to a lesson with Sister Blank (branch member) and we got a flat tire. I think I may be bad luck. But President wants to me assure you, that all is well!

Listen to this:

Saturday afternoon we were walking around Marceline and we received a text from Jennifer White telling us that Logan (her 10 year old son) wanted to be baptized with DON!!!!!! A little back story.... when we taught the White girls, Logan would come in and out of lessons, but would never stay longer than 5-10 minutes.  We quickly started discussing how to make that work.  But we realized that it was going to be overwhelming if we tried to teach him more of the lessons and have him interviewed in a matter of hours to be baptized with his dad. So we walked over to their house and Logan was sitting down with the parents, Jennifer looked at Logan and said, "Tell the sisters" Logan began to tell us, "I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED." Smiles filled the room; he had never shown a huge interest of being baptized and never mentioned anything to anyone until Saturday. I looked at him and told him we would make him a deal, we would come over and teach him the upcoming week, we would come over almost every day and teach him and then he could be baptized this week or next. He looked and agreed with a big smile on his face. The mom let him leave the room and we all started talking. Jennifer said, "Wait, can't a person that holds the Aaronic Priesthood baptize? Yes, that is right. Once everything clicked, I threw my planner in the air and said in excitement, “DON YOU COULD BAPTIZED LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If only you can just imagine for a second the joy that swept the room.

So with that being said:

DON WHITE'S BAPTISM WAS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day it was, full of so much happiness and joy. Everything went so well, so so so so so so well. After the baptism service and program, Jennifer (the wife of Don and the mom of the White family), pulled us out into the hall and gave us each a glow stick and said something like this, " I know this is cheesy, but you were the light for our family. I want to give you a light. In darkness, light can help us. Thank you for being our light." I about cried, it was the sweetest thing. She had been married to Don for 14+ years and never ever saw him joining the church, but isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father's plan is the best? AHHHH!!! 

After the baptism, The White family, The Blanks, and Sister Hayden and I went to Pizza Hut. Logan sat across from me and while we were waiting for the food, we played spelling games and I spy with the White kids. Logan offered to say the prayer on the food!!!!!! During his prayer, he started to get nervous, so I just whispered words to say to help him just a little bit. He said the sweetest prayer ever, pretty much all by himself. WOW MIRACLES!!!!!

It is okay to pick favorite Sundays on my mission right? Well listen to this:
Here is a little update on what happened on Sunday.

There was an overflow in the trailer. Meaning they had to put chairs in the hall for people at sacrament meeting. 69 people in total in that little trailer!!!!! (I may just start building that church building for that branch myself because not too many more people are going to be able to fit in the trailer)
Sister Davis and Brother Davis said the opening and closing prayer, less actives we visit with! AND SISTER DAVIS HAS BEEN SMOKE FREE FOR A WEEK!!
Becky, an investigator, came to church for the first time since I have been in Marceline… MIRACLE.
Skeeter, a less active came to church with his son.
Taylor, a less active/recent convert ish passed the sacrament for the first time.

DON RECEIVED A CALLING IN THE BRANCH!!!!! (Employment specialist)
AND DON RECEIVED THE AARONIC PRIESTHOOD!!!!! MEANING HE CAN NOW BAPTISE HIS 10-year-old son we are teaching, LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart is full of so much JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing The Lord perform miracles in this work, in this little town of Marceline!!! I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WEEK WAS SO SO SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING!!!!

I love you all so much!!!!

"When you were baptized you actually re-enlisted to be in the Lord's ARMY. Mortally, you stood by Jesus Christ during the war in Heaven. And now the conflict between good and evil continues here on earth. It is real!" -Russell M Nelson

I really love you all so much!!!!


Sister Dahlberg 

Oh p.s. who can believe I have been out 4 months? AHH!!!

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