November 06, 2014

One Month Accomplished

Dear Family and Friends,

HI! HAPPY P DAY! Did you know that a girl in Missouri loves and adores you all? Well I hope so because I love and cherish every single one of you.

Also I thank you all for your lovely emails. I have wonderful people in my life. I thank you for your love and support.

WHO CAN BELIEVE I MADE IT ONE MONTH???????????????? One month down, 17 to go. I CAN DO THIS.

This week we had a really solid district meeting. I love my district so much. Did I ever tell you that A HUGE MAJORITY of the missionaries serving here are from UTAH? Like you normally don't even have to ask, you can just assume they are from Utah and they usually are. So UTAH is always with me. I love it. 

I love fall. I was looking through my miracles this week and one of the many miracles was seeing the changing leaves. I tell you, big or small, there are miracles everyday. I LOVE FALL and the changing leaves. Sister Montgomery, being from Arizona, acts likes changing leaves is like seeing a dinosaur on the street for the very first time. Oh boy, it is hilarious and keeps me laughing. Before I forget, Happy Halloween on Friday!!!!

So get this... it is close to the end of the month so that means... miles on the car...ARE LOW. Guess what that means? TRACTING!!!!! YAY...We did a lot of tracting this week. We knocked on a man's door that was Wiccan, he told us which houses we should not go to. He was worried for our safety and wanted to help us stay safe. We met a lot of interesting people this week. I taught a lesson to my first atheist, boy was that interesting...  We were walking home one night and a lady told us to watch out for a certain van, we thanked her.  A lot of people tell us to be careful and they want us to be safe, even if they aren't big fans of the church. THE LORD PROTECTS HIS MISSIONARIES. I CAN FEEL IT.

So while we were tracting this week, we knocked on a door and a lady answered the door after like 10 minutes. She soon said, "come on in", well you see THAT NEVER HAPPENS HERE. We couldn't see who was behind the door and I didn't recognize the voice, Sister Montgomery walked in and we were thinking, great... we may not come out alive.......... and then we walked in the house and it was an elderly sister from the branch.  We were surprised this was her house. After talking to her, we realized that she really needed us and that she was struggling.  We felt like the Lord had sent us to her house for a very specific and special purpose. THE LORD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. We invited her to write down miracles she saw during the day, she agreed and we had a great conversation about the gospel. She came on Sunday with her notebook of miracles. I WAS SO HAPPY.

This week I may or may not have almost gotten attacked by a rooster. Don't you worry, I have pictures. We went to a member’s home for dinner.  We went out to the chicken coop to gather eggs and the rest is history......... EVERYONE THOUGHT IT WAS SO FUNNY.  I saw my life flash before my eyes. LOL LOL 

OKAY LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING; THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE BEST. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I wish I could read it all dayyyyyyy lonnngggggggggg. I would encourage everyone to read it and study it. Let it change your life because it has changed mine!!!

MIRACLE- Last night we went to teach a family that was an Internet referral. Their story is amazing. They moved to Utah for a month.  The first day they were there, the dad was outside smoking when 4 elders stopped and asked him if they could help him.  He told them they could use help unpacking.  The missionaries helped them and started teaching them.  The family had a baptism date, but they moved back to Missouri.  They didn't get baptized. We went to visit them a few weeks ago and they were JUST MOVING BACK TO MISSOURI.  We knocked on their door. They were overwhelmed to know that there were missionaries here and they were willing to help and serve. So last night was our first lesson with them. They have 3 WILD little boys. One sprayed Mountain Dew all over us. HAHAHA.  They are lacking furniture, they sit on lawn chairs in their house.  We found a member that is going to give them a couch. We were talking and the kids were running around and yelling. It was a disaster at first. One of the boys invited one of his friends to come and listen to the lessons. He was so interested in our message.  He told us that a while ago, his mom wanted to learn about the church.  But he had forgotten to give his mom the missionaries phone number.  We heard a knock on the door. GUESS WHO IT WAS? The little boy’s mom!!!  We invited her in to hear our lesson and she agreed. We testified of Joseph Smith and she said, "I HAVE CHILLS, THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED TONIGHT." We told her that was the spirit testifying to her the truth of our message. A little later she said again, "OH I HAVE THE CHILLS AGAIN." YES, THAT IS THE SPIRIT TESTIFYING TO YOU!!!!! We asked The Bloss family and Sydney and Canden if they would be baptized when they found out the message we shared were true and they said YES. The dad shared some experiences with us when he knew that God answered prayers. The second oldest son, wanted to say the closing prayer, but was nervous, so I whispered the words and he said it out loud. I whispered to him to ask Heavenly Father if the message we shared was true and to help his family and friends come to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. We asked Heavenly Father to answer their prayers. As I whispered, he was so sincere and said it out loud for everyone to hear. IT WAS ONE OF THE TENDEREST MOMENTS ON MY MISSION SO FAR.

We are meeting with all of them next Sunday and plan to keep teaching them the lessons. We are going to teach them all together. We gave them Book Of Mormon's to read and the mom was so happy and I WAS SO HAPPY. 

The Lord has been preparing these people in this town. The Lord is the head of this work, we are just instruments in the work. I LOVE SEEING THE LORDS MIRACLES. I LOVE SEEING HIS HAND IN THIS WORK.


Hey you all... CPR.
Everything we need to survive in a world that falls further and further from the teachings of the gospel. CPR!

Jesus Christ is our hope. Heavenly Father is reaching out his arms, so badly wanting to help us, cling on to him and EMBRACE his love. HE LOVES YOU.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth and we have the truth. HOW LUCKY ARE WE?

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love that Missouri girl,

Sister Dahlberg 

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