March 13, 2014

my heart is in california- spring break

day one

 day two

day three

p.s blowing kisses to my favorite missionary (in the same city as me)!!

day four

day five

sorry for the picture overload, but i think pictures say a thousand words, so i will keep it short! a road trip to California with three of my best friends, what is better than that? also the fact that my lover boy is serving in San Diego and i was in his neck of the woods for a couple of days was the greatest thing ever. side note- if you haven't visited the San Diego temple, GO! it literally took my breathe away and i fell even more in love with it (it is even more beautiful in person). i think the beach life, is the life for me. i could spend forever at the beach, watching the waves and playing in the sand. the trip consisted of four girls loving every second of california, laughing the entire time. disneyland, disneyland, disneyland. "the happiest place on earth" was so good to us. i felt like i was eight years old again and i loved every second of it. side note- do not wear converse the first day, you will get blisters and have to consider riding in a wheel chair the rest of the trip. (HEHE i love you shay). the days flew by awfully fast and we didn't stop once (maybe that is why i feel like i fell off a 10 story building right now) it was the final BANG before my pretty ladies head to Hungry and New Zealand for eighteen months. i wouldn't have wanted to spend my spring break any other way. laughter and memories were created, moments that i will never forget. to say the least spring break 2014, was a definite success.

p.s. i left my heart in San Diego.

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