March 06, 2014

sister ovard

"Dear Sister Ovard, you are herby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Canada Vancouver Mission."


Aynsley and i had class together today. playing the guessing game on when that big white envelope was going to be mailed to her mailbox. we went back and forth trying to figure out when that darn call was going to come! after class we departed and i gave her a big hug, telling her i hoped it came today. demanding she text me as soon as she got the mail.

a few hours passed and i was so giddy, happy, and excited to read a text that said, "IT IS HERE."

i may or may not have cried 80 percent of the day because i was just so happy that she was happy. the anticipation about killed me, but i made it through. Aynsley decided to open her mission call just with her family at the St. George temple around 12:00 p.m. i was dying sitting in the library knowing she knew where she would be serving The Lord for the next eighteen months. we had been talking about her mission papers for months, guessing everyday a new place, exploring different states and countries that could soon become her new home for the next 18 months. not a lot of people knew, so i had to keep my mouth quiet for awhile. it was way hard, but we both managed to do it. hurray!!! i couldn't handle the surprise any longer, so i texted her and said, "are you happy?" i was so happy to see her reply that said, "I AM SO HAPPY, SO SO SO HAPPY!" i called her instantly begging her to tell me if it was in or out of the country. she told me, " I AM OUT OF THE COUNTRY, SPEAKING ENGLISH. IT IS BEAUTIFUL PLACE." My mind starting guessing every place possible. New Zealand? Australia? England? where in the world did she get called to? At 8:00 p.m. she had people over to her house to tell them the big news!!!! I was so happy that she was happy!!!!

 It was such a cool moment to hear her read her new destination for the next little bit.


what an exciting day for Sister Ovard. so many changes are coming for the both of us. i am so thankful for the friendship we share. Canada better get ready because they are about to receive the funniest and sweetest girl in the whole wide world. i am grateful aynsley and i are there for each other to help one another for our next adventures. she brings me strength. we are headed down the same path and it is so nice to have a friend like aynsley ESPECIALLY right now. The Lord has perfect timing for everything. He knows exactly what we need and when. i love my sweet canadian lady- and i couldn't be more excited for her.

yay for mission calls coming today and yay for sister missionaries!!


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