January 19, 2014

new peeps

^ ALL RETURNED MISSIONARIES, aren't they just the cutest? ^

this weekend was full of new friends and new adventures. my roommates cousin came down from BYU and brought along his friends. (RM's are my absolute favorite) sometimes i feel like Heavenly Father places certain people in your life for a special purpose. after only spending two days together i feel like we have all known each other for FOREVER. this was a weekend to remember and i am not quite sure if i am ready for the BYU boys to go back to provo.... i tried convincing them to come to Dixie, but as you can imagine that didn't go over too well. this is college, the time for meeting new people and going on new adventures!

cheers to no school tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. GOSH, CAN I MARRY ONE?! They really are the cutest! Haha. So glad that you had a good time together! Cheers to no school! I know them feels. I'm trying to get the day off work today because it's raining and not very "summery" at all...which kind of makes my job redundant ;) No one wants to buy ice cream in the rain! ...Do they? Haha.