November 16, 2013

what is snow?

the text i woke up to this morning....
Ogden Utah vs. St George Utah

Rumor has it.......... it is snowing back at home. I feel like I am in a whole different world here in st. george. What is snow? It is November and it is still beautiful outside. Here in st. george the seasons are one step behind. I seriously would be content if it was fall FOREVER. I think i may go into culture shock when i go home to visit for thanksgiving break. Speaking of thanksgiving break,  it couldn't come any faster. I am counting down the days. I miss home. For those of your freezing your buns off back at home, visitors are welcome for hibernation. 

While you guys are shoveling your driveways, I will be laying out at the pool. hahaha just teasing, but on a serious note, i will studying my buns off for two big tests coming up.

Happy Saturday darlings.

Tell next time.


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