October 25, 2013



Hello darlings. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I am so happy you stopped by. Grab a blanket, make some hot coco, turn on some jams, take a seat by the fireplace and enjoy (Isn't fall the greatest?). I decided to start a new adventure; a blogging adventure and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I promise if you stick around, it will be worthwhile. DIY projects, crafts, outfit posts, college advice, girl talk, boy talk, stories, pictures, memories, experiences, you name it, and it will be on here.

I hope to reach out and relate to others through my blogging.  I can already tell, I am going to love this new adventure and I hope you will too.

Something you should know- A while back, I met a lovely girl named Hunter Kofford through two cute missionaries serving in California.  (That will have to be a story for another day), but I soon came to know and love her. She is beautiful and VERY talented. If you like what you see, Hunter Kofford was my main girl/sidekick in designing and getting this blog started. I will forever be grateful for my hunter girl.

Well fasten your seatbelt, keep your hands in, and ENJOY THE RIDE.

Cheers to a new blogging adventure and cheers to the weekend!

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means three things. SLEEP IN, NO SCHOOL, and RELAX.
(Does it get any better than that?)

Go on a adventure, do something new, and enjoy your weekend loves.


Love- your new blogging friend- B| Dee.

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  1. these pictures are adorable! youre adorable! cant wait to see more of your posts!