March 31, 2015

Easter Greetings 2015 From Illinois

March 16, 2015

BENJAMIN . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!! YAY FOR BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! I hope you have a splendid day. Don't forget to wear green! Funny fact: I told Sister Haderlie I wasn't going to tell her what day St. Patricks day was on, so she has been nervous and been wearing green everyday. I think she finally realized it is tomorrow. hahaha WE LITERALLY LAUGH ALL THE TIME!

OH GOOD NEWS- I RECEIVED NEWS FROM MARCELINE THAT TAYLOR, the oldest White daughter that has been away at college, WILL BE BAPTIZED IN MAY!!!!!!!!!

How is it already week 6 of this transfer? Transfer calls are already this weekend..... WHAT?

My week highlights:

Tuesday: I invited our 89- year-old investigator to come to church. She knows it is true, but she says her daughter will be mad if she changes religions. I love her. We have to talk super loud and then she can barely hear us.  She is so sweet. 

Wednesday: We had a really powerful district meeting. Our Zone Leader gave a training lesson on GREENY FIRE and wow was it powerful!!!! We made district lunch for everyone, yes...... I am learning to cook. I had cooking lessons this morning from Sister Cannon and Sister Haderlie! Watch out Food Network-------------I’ll be taking up a time slot there shortly. JK.

The weather really is starting to warm up!!! I actually boxed up my scarfs, tights, and winter things. We did a lot of street contacting Thursday and met some really SOLID potential investigators. We gave out 13 Book of Mormons!!!! The missionary elders covered a small area in Jacksonville, but now we cover all of Jacksonville and more. SISTER HADERLIE AND I LOVE IT TOO MUCH.

Okay this is a really cool story!!!!  A nice member signed up on the dinner schedule to feed us at her home, but something came up.  So, she gave us money to go buy our dinner somewhere we wanted to go.  We were trying to decide where to go and I randomly thought APPLEBEES!  Why Applebee’s…came into my head.   I do not know why Applebee’s came into my mind? So after a long weekly planning day meeting, sister Haderlie and I went to Applebee’s.

Our waitress was the sweetest girl.  She looked at our nametags and assumed we wanted water because she knew we wouldn't drink caffeine. We giggled with her and taught her a little bit about the word of wisdom. She told us that growing up, she had a friend that was a Mormon. After we finished eating, I felt that we needed to leave her a Book Of Mormon.  We quickly wrote a sticky note and placed it inside the Book Of Mormon, which we were just going to leave on the table. She came back to give us our check and you could tell she was a little nervous. She smiled and sat down next to us and said something like this, "If you will be patient with me, I WANT TO LEARN MORE. I HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON, BUT I DON"T KNOW WHERE IT IS." We smiled and gave her the one that we were going to leave her on the table!!!!! MIRACLES. MIRACLES. MIRACLES. I can't wait to start teaching her. 

Saturday we went to visit a lady we were referred to and she let us right in.  She told us that she already bought a dress to come to church! MIRACLES.

We went to visit a less active member and I asked her how many cats she had.  She told me to count them… so I did.  Grand Total=21! YES 21!

We met a nice lady on the street with a ton of decorations in front of her house  (I’ll send pictures).  We talked to her and taught the restoration lesson right on her front porch. She knew the message we shared was true!!! At one point in the lesson she told us that her son was kidnapped and has been missing in Japan for 3 years. She asked me where I thought he was.......... I just sat there and felt so sad for her.  I wish I knew exactly how to help her.  I don't have enough experience with those things. I am anxious t to teach her again because EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE needs the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday our sweet family that we will baptize this Saturday, invited us to a "cook out".  We received a text from the mom saying that her nephew, who lived in Jacksonville, wanted to meet the missionaries.  We were so excited.  Look at them…they are already doing their missionary work! Anyway, we went over and ate dinner.  We played a basketball game with them called "PIG.”  It will definitely be something I will never forget. Guess who got 2nd place? SIS D!!! Yesterday, their nephew came to church with them.  It was a great sacrament meeting.  Brother Mudd gave one of the BEST TALKS I HAVE EVER HEARD on broken hearts. WOW!!!!!! 

Hey, guess what? I love being a missionary a lot, sure some days I feel so tired and warn out, but somehow I keep going. I keep fighting. They say that no greater joy comes than from serving others, and I have found that to be true. It is a joy that is indescribable. Before I came out on my mission, I believed I had a small testimony of the Restored Gospel, but each day I become CONVERTED to the gospel. I wish I could describe how this mission has already changed my life, but I often find myself at a loss for words… what can I say, but I can say this I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES. I know that his grace is perfect for every single one of us. His love is endless and I get to feel of the love that Heavenly Father has for his children every single day.   Let me tell you something, it is something special. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST CHANGES OUR LIVES. IT IS SIMPLE, it is TRUE. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fabulous week. HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!


Sister Dahlberg

March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello dear people who I love. It is, Sister Dahlberg! Today, we went to do our laundry at a member’s home, and she was having a hard time, so we stayed to clean her house. She referred to us as, “An answer to my prayers because God sent me two little angels today.”  Serving others is the greatest thing. Please never doubt the promptings Heavenly Father gives you. Act on them, because you never know whom you could help or even save.

Today as I email, I am feeling overwhelmed, but don't worry it is a good overwhelmed. Realizing that tomorrow I hit my 6 month mark, has really been on my mind.  It is not a distracting thing, just something that overpowers me with so much JOY.  As I sit back and think about what my mission has done for me in the past 6 months, I want to cry and run and bow down at Jesus Christ’s feet.  I want to thank him for letting me be here, for letting me meet the people I have met, and thank him for the testimony I have gained so far. My life truly has changed. I keep thinking I want to make a list of everything that I have learned, but then I would need 1,000,000,000 pieces of paper. I am just so thankful that Heavenly Father let me be here.  I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that has literally healed me. Here are just a few things I want to share with you of what I have learned so far!

1. Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us. It is a perfect plan. There are no coincidences. I am here, at the right place, at the right time. I need to be here in this mission right now. And I get to see why I am here every day. I get to feel of God's love for his children every day, boy it is powerful. I can't imagine my life without the Savior walking beside me. I never want it any other way. We need his light, every one of us. I truly can't imagine my life without my mission. I am thankful for the people I have met, the experiences I have had, my companions, and the missionaries I have served around. We are all here to help each other and build each other up.  God is the perfect God. This Gospel is the perfect Gospel. I could keep typing on and on about how my mission has converted me to the gospel of Jesus of Christ. It is the most wonderful think. I want each one of you to know that. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. It has definitely changed Sister Dahlberg's forever.

2. The more we study the scriptures, the more aware we are of Heavenly Father's mercy, answers to prayers, and love.

3. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives every single day. God doesn't just want some of his children to return to him, he wants us to use his grace and mercy so that he can save us all.

4. It doesn't matter what you have done, or what you do, God loves you. It is pure and simple. He loves you no matter what. 

5. God loves us, he has not left us here alone, he will come to us, he will send us people to help and guide us.

6. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST IS TRUE. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. I KNOW WITH ASSURITY THAT GOD LIVES AND THROUGH HIM JESUS CHRIST LEADS AND GUIDES THIS CHURCH. It is true, so so so so so so true. I feel it every single day, even more the longer I am out serving. I realize more and more that the gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be the center of our lives. If we build a strong foundation, we cannot and will not fall.

7. Jesus Christ can't be here right now, so we all need to be his hands, to give back to others, after all he has given us, we need to do our part into building up the kingdom of God. No missionary effort is wasted.

8. There are angels with us that help us.  Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can rise through human capacity.

9. I am serving a mission and I couldn't be happier. Sure it is hard and some days I am not sure how I am going to keep going, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I always want to be worthy to stand before him. I want to meet him when the time comes and tell him I did all I could to help rescue his children and bring them into his fold.

10. No greater joy comes into your life, than when you truly follow the gospel of Jesus Christ and its teachings. Lives are changed and souls are saved.

11. I am not only here to help non-members. I am here to help everyone, other missionaries and members included. I often wonder to myself, if Jesus Christ was standing here in my place what would he do in this situation? He would SERVE WITH ALL OF HIS MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH.

12. Well I am at #12 and I could keep typing for hours and hours, but we have a lot to get done today! I just want you to know that my mission has changed my life for eternity and I look forward to what is ahead as I represent Jesus Christ for the next year, here in Missouri/Illinois. I look forward to being a follower and leader of Jesus Christ forever.

13. Oh and fun fact. I WILL FINISH THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE FIRST TIME TOMORROW…ACTUALLY STUDYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I wish I would have opened up that book sooner, truly life changing. I give it best book award ever! If you haven't opened it up, I would highly encourage you to do so, let it change your life. Let Jesus Christ heal you. Heavenly Father loves his children all the same, if he can do it for me, he can do for you. I PROMISE!!

6 months down, 12 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If I can do this, I can conquer the world. AHHHHHH! I am so happy.

Well now to update you on transfers. I AM STAYIG HERE IN JACKSONVILLE AND I WILL BE GETTING A NEW COMP, Sister Ewell. Sister Haderlie is going to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I am going to miss her so much, but I know that I am here at the right time and at the right place. I will be friends with Sister Haderlie forever. I have just loved and adored all my companions and I know that we are put together to teach each other something special. I have loved serving with Sister Haderlie.  In the future, I am going to name my daughter IZZY.  For real, that is how much I love her. My companions have all been God sent.

THIS WEEKEND WE HAD OUR FAMILY OF 5 BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't even know if words could express how wonderful that day was!!!  As we watched the family enter the waters of baptism, Sister Haderlie was crying happy tears and I was smiling SO BIG. I could not STOP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching a family enter into the waters of baptism, picking themselves up to follow God and Jesus Christ is truly the most wonderful experience. They have always had faith in Jesus Christ, but now they are acting on the faith. They were prepared. They are definitely a huge MIRACLE here in Jacksonville. I am so happy I got to be a part of some of their adventure in finding the TRUE CHURCH of Jesus Christ.

They were confirmed on Sunday at church. They will be sealed as a family in one year!!!! The boys received the Priesthood as well.  The dad was the first one to receive the priesthood and then he was able to give his sons the Aaronic priesthood. WOW!!!!!!  I firmly believe that the two boys will serve missions and the kids will all be married in the temple when the time is right. 

Also, we found another family that we are teaching, Walter and Mora, and their 5 children. BOY, THEY ARE THE CUTEST KIDS EVER. Trent looks like Corbon Blue. We watched a DVD on the restoration of the gospel with them.  And as I watched them watch it, my heart felt so happy. I wanted to just cry and give all thanks to God. Afterward, we asked them how they felt.  Walter said that he felt really happy.  Mora said it was everything we taught them before, but now it all makes sense. Their main question was why are there some many churches? We had an answer for that. Every time I go into their home I can feel the spirit. WE ARE GOING TO SET A BAPTISM DATE WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it truly is amazing how God’s hand is in this work and we, as missionaries, are just helpers in bringing the Gospel to people. He does it all and we are just his instruments, helping him in his work.

We will be heading to St. Louis for our transfer meeting on Wednesday. I can't believe I have made it 6 months!!!! I love you all so much and appreciate your constant love and support. I am excited to get to know this new sister today. I have heard she is great. It is time to help Sister Haderlie pack her things, boy am I going to miss her!!!!!!!

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Dahlberg

March 30, 2015


It is me and I can't believe it is warm and I can't believe March is almost over...... where is time going?

I have to tell you this. So at transfer meeting we were all sitting there and I saw President Morgan looking at me while he was talking and I knew something was coming..... He asked me to come up in front of everyone and read something..... I get up and walk up on the stand and get in a kneeling position and pull the microphone down.... I was under the impression that I would be reading from the new video, “Because He Lives.”  I was just trying to get out of the way so all the missionaries could see. I looked at President and Sister Morgan and they had this look on their faces.... like… what in the world are you doing? The A.P.s and the office elders all looked so confused? I quickly stood up and read words from a power point for the missionaries. It was the longest power point ever and the missionaries laughed and I was so embarrassed.  But I managed to pull through! hahaha I am still having nightmares about it. Never a dull moment with Sister Dahlberg.

After transfer meeting, a woman was there from Jacksonville with her member friends and we heard someone ask, “Where are the Jacksonville missionaries?” I smiled and said, “right here.”  She actually was a nonmember.  They had chosen the church in St. Louis as a meeting spot, by coincidence it was transfer meeting.  She received a Book of Mormon and we got her contact info!  We are going to teach her this week. President and Sister Morgan were standing there and they got to meet her too. SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!!!

We started to get ready to bring my new companion to our apartment.  President Morgan, Sister Ewell, Sister Mudd and I were all trying to get Sister Ewells suitcases in the car… and it was hilarious.

So yes, I have a new companion and she is great! She is from Draper, Utah! She seems to be loving Jacksonville. I keep telling her how much she is going to love it. It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Haderlie, but I know that we will be friends forever and ever. Speaking of that she sang at transfer meeting and it was really good! She is a funny gal!  Sister Ewell has been sick some of this week, so I hope she gets better soon. HER BIRTHDAY IS ON APRIL 14TH!!! There is a miracle story that happened to her on her mission and I want to share it with you soon. One of the previous apartments she lived in caught on fire and the story is truly touching. God protects his missionaries!

This week we were trying to contact a referral and we got lost.  We stopped and asked for directions and the lady standing there was the lady we were looking for! Turns out her sister just returned home from a mission and she said we could come over and teach her kids. MIRACLE!!!

We went to see Walter and Mora and their family this week and Walter has been reading from the Book Of Mormon!  He had some questions for us.  I love them so much.

The Relief Society broadcast was this weekend and we are truly blessed to be a part of Christ's true church here on earth. We have a prophet to lead and guide us!!!!! GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! EVERYONE WATCH IT!

Sorry this email is short! Zone Conference is tomorrow in Springfield so that will be great!

"It was unthinkable, impossible, unfathomable, unprecedented, a single act that changed history. Possibility, Destiny. He was a carpenter, a teacher an outcast, a leader, yet he did what no carpenter, teacher, outcast, leader had ever done. Like all who preceded him, He rose from the dead. He lived again. He lives and because he lives you and you and you and she and he and they and we will all live again. Death has no sting, the grave no victory, we can start again and again and again. Because of Him, guilt becomes peace, regret becomes relief, despair becomes hope, because of Him we have second chances, clean slates, new beginnings, there is no such thing as the end!"

HAPPY EASTER! I love you all. I am happy to be a missionary at this time my life continues to change for the better.

Love you.

Sister Dahlberg

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