April 07, 2014

conference weekend

"Do not wait to see the rainbow to thank God. Thank him for the rain." 
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Conference weekend is honestly my favorite weekend. I love hearing the inspiring and uplifting words from the prophet and apostles called from God. A spiritual boost to get me through the next six months, until we all meet again for another General Conference. 

This General Conference weekend was special because I got to visit home and I actually had the chance to go to the Conference Center for the Saturday afternoon session with my best friend (that is leaving to serve the people of Hungry in 44 days) sobbing    seriously how lucky are the people of Hungry? SO LUCKY. Side note- today I am feeling extra grateful because almost all of my best friends will be serving missions. Although it is hard to say goodbye to them for 18-24 months, they are the greatest examples to me. Heavenly Father truly has blessed me with the GREATEST friends in the whole wide world.

I was spiritually fed this weekend and I would like to share some things that really stuck out to me this weekend.

  • Your faith is always safe in The Lords hands. -Russel M. Nelson
  • Young women should marry a returned missionary in the temple. -Richard G. Scott
  • Because The Savior was obedient, he suffered for our sins. When we obey, we accept his sacrifice. As we continue to live the gospel, we will progress. -Robert D. Hales
  • Never underestimate The Savior - Cladio D. Zivic
  • Administrating grace can change us - W. Craig Zwick
  • 85% of members live 200 miles or closer to a temple  -Quentin L. Cook (YAY!)
  • Trust your trials. Having gratitude will bring joy -Dieter F. Uchtdor
  • Replace fear with faith. Hasten the work of salvation. Be a missionary be helping others come unto The Savior. -M. Russell Ballard
  • God is watching over us, we are never alone. Our Father know us and hears the pleading of our hearts. - Jean A. Stevens
  • Your actions will determine your prize. This life is your "four minutes" to preform. The time is ticking.  - Gary E. Stevenson
  • A heavy load can not be done alone. Do and become better through The Savior. He will heal, guide, and protect us. - David A. Bednar
  • Jesus Christ is our example. Everyday we have the chance to show love to others. - President Thomas S. Monson
  • We must gain our own testimony of Christ and then share it with others. - Boyd K. Packer
  • Embrace the gospel with all of your heart. -William R. Walker
  • Be willing to alter your course. Tap into God's insight. God has unlimited love and power. Blessings are there for anyone who is faithful and obedient. - L. Tom Perry
  • The gospel brings light and truth to peoples lives. - Lawrence E. Corbridge
  • Heavenly Father sees our potential. He knows things that we don't even know about ourselves. Focus on things that will be a treasure in Heaven. - Michael John U. Tech
  • Trust in The Lord and have hope in his promises. - Marcos A. Aidukaitis
  • The grace of Christ is real. The Savior's miracles are real. Christ is love. - D. Todd Christofferson
  • Our Heavenly Father is mindful of us. He will always help and guide us. The Savior guides his church today.

I am grateful for the gospel and the happiness it brings me every single day. I am also indeed grateful for General Conference. My heart is full.

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