December 09, 2013

admit one to Dixie regional medical center

Well here is my story....

I had a chest pain for several days. You know the kind that you are certain will go away if you just keep ignoring it?

I had been experiencing some chest pain for several days. I kept ignoring it and i was extremely afraid to go to the doctor. My roommate, Emilee decided she wanted to go sledding Saturday night with some friends. (i didn't go because i hadn't been feeling well for a couple days) i went down to get the mail, talking on the phone with my dad, having a hard time breathing and having more sharp pains in my chest area and it had started to move down the left side of my body. I walked into the apartment and within seconds, Emilee came pounding on the door. Soon to find out, she had slipped on the ice and had hurt her finger. She willingly got in the car and we headed to the hospital. However once Emilee was taken care of the doctor looked at me and asked if i had been in a sledding accident also. I said, "no" and soon explained that i had been sick, feeling sharp pains in my chest. And that is where it all began....

10 things I have learned about the ER.

1. no matter what you do, DO NOT watch them put your iv in.....or out.......of your arm.
2. if you are sick when you take your friend to the ER they won't let you leave.
3.X-ray technicians can be extremely, i mean, EXTREMELY handsome.
4. it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to look good in a hospital gown.
5. Don't try and flirt with the doctor's when you are on pain medicine. (you will end up asking them if they are on grey's anatomy)
6. Don't watch or look how much blood they take out of your body(you may feel like you are going to pass out, trust me)
7. hold very still when they are taking tests on your heart, you may have to re do it if you don't.
8. hospital gowns, do not, repeat DO NOT close all the way in the back. Make sure you wear clean and (preferably) cute underwear.
9. pain medicine makes you say things you normally wouldn't say (i still am a little embarrassed about it all)
10. hospitals and doctor's are there to help you, LET THEM. If you start feeling something is wrong with your body, don't wait because chances are... it will keep getting worse.

I was lucky to have my brother and friends by my side Saturday night. it was one of the scariest experiences of my life and i couldn't have done it without them. I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I am grateful Heavenly Father watched over us. I found out that i have costochondritis, which is inflammation of the cartilage that attaches to my ribs. And all should be all better soon. What would we do without Priesthood blessings?

Thanks to friends, medical people, and my brother.... Emilee and I are okay. Resting, laying low and trying to recover. (thank heavens for pain medicine).

Happy finals..... or should i say recovery week?



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